Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS), a pillar under NEA, is responsible for the provision of weather services and climate information for Singapore. Apart from providing timely and reliable weather forecasts for the general public, MSS also engages and collaborates with key users in the aviation and marine sectors, external government agencies, as well as academia institutions for collaboration and research opportunities to enhance our services to stakeholders.

As an overview, MSS’ functions include:
  • Collecting and maintaining of reliable long-term national weather records
  • Providing reliable weather and climate services
  • Conducting high quality research to advance understanding and prediction of the weather and climate of Singapore and the region
  • Performing risk and impact assessment of natural environmental hazards

MSS also hosts the ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre (ASMC). For more information on ASMC and its services, visit its website.

Haze monitoring

NEA is responsible for the measurement, analysis and reporting of haze conditions in Singapore. For detailed information on current and past conditions, as well the potential effects of haze and information on air cleaning devices, click here.

Regional haze warning and monitoring

Hosted by MSS, NEA, the ASMC is a collaboration programme between the national meteorological services of ASEAN member countries. ASMC’s primary task is the monitoring and assessment of forest fires and transboundary smoke haze in the ASEAN region.

The ASMC Website provides data on and assessment of forest fires and transboundary smoke haze in the ASEAN region.

Seismic Monitoring

NEA is responsible for the monitoring of seismic activities in Singapore. It operates a network of seven seismograph stations that provides automatic and continuous monitoring of earthquakes and the study of ground motions. The seismic information collected feeds into Singapore’s national tsunami early warning system, which is also part of the regional Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System that is co-ordinated by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO. The seismic information is also exchanged with the international seismographic networks and countries in the region.

For more information on NEA’s seismic monitoring activities and past seismic data, click here.

Local Weather

As part of NEA’s provision of meteorological services, the public is provided with a range of past, current and forecast weather information. Further information, including a guide to Singapore’s weather and the climatology of Singapore can be found here.

The Nowcast is a 2-hr weather forecast over 42 sectors across the island. Extended weather forecasts for four days and up to two weeks are also given. This information is made available to the public and issued to various media organisations.

As part of its efforts to ensure quick and easy access to weather information to the public, NEA has a Weather Information Hotline, an automatic telephone service at 65427788.

Historical Climate Data

MSS, NEA is the custodian of meteorological data and manages long-term archive and quality control of national climate data. This information is often used by businesses such as construction and shipping companies. For an online catalogue and details on how to purchase historical climate data, click here.

NEA provides educational tours of the Central Forecast Office. Prior arrangements are required. For more information on these visits, please visit here.

Customized Weather Services

In addition to general public weather services, NEA also provides customized weather information to meet the requirements of various business communities in Singapore and the region. 

  • The Aviation Services Website is a subscription-based service providing critical weather and atmospheric data to companies in the aviation sector.