Regional Haze Situation

The hotspots are derived from satellite data and may be affected by cloud cover and the satellite coverage

Latest Weather And Haze Situation

Isolated showers were observed over the southern and northeastern parts of the Mekong sub-region today while dry and cloudy conditions prevailed over other parts of the northern ASEAN region. Widespread hotspots were detected in Myanmar and Lao PDR while isolated to scattered hotspots were detected elsewhere in the Mekong sub-region. Widespread moderate to dense smoke plumes were observed in the vicinity of clusters of hotspots in parts of central and eastern Myanmar drifting towards the east into northern Thailand, and from northern Lao PDR into northern Viet Nam. Moderate to dense transboundary smoke plumes were also observed to emanate from clusters of hotspots in central Lao PDR drifting into central parts of Viet Nam. Extensive cloud cover over northern, southern and eastern parts of the Mekong sub-region made it hard to discern the full extent of the hotspot and smoke haze situation there. Many air quality stations in the northern and eastern Mekong sub-region reported air quality at Unhealthy levels, with a few at Very Unhealthy levels.

Elsewhere in the ASEAN region, showers were observed except over eastern parts of Borneo where it was relatively dry. Few to isolated hotspots were detected in Sabah and Sarawak while scattered hotspots were detected in Kalimantan, with localised moderate smoke plumes observed to emanate from a few hotspots in eastern Kalimantan.
Updated 5:58 PM 17 April

Weather And Haze Outlook

In the coming days, dry conditions are expected to persist over the Mekong sub-region with the exception of northeastern parts of the sub-region where isolated showers are forecast. Widespread transboundary smoke haze and elevated hotspot activities are expected to continue under the prevailing weather conditions, especially in the northwestern parts of the sub-region. The prevailing winds north of the Equator are forecast mostly to be easterlies to southerlies with the exception of northwestern parts of the Mekong sub- region where the winds are expected to be light and variable in direction.

Meanwhile, shower activities are expected over the southern ASEAN region in the coming days. The hotspot activity in the region is expected to improve, however isolated hotspots and localised smoke plumes may still occur in the dry areas. The winds south of the Equator are forecast to be light and variable in direction.
Updated 5:58 PM 17 April



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