Together with Our Partners and the Community

Singapore's commitment to environmental sustainability and economic growth is reflected in the Environmental Services Industry Transformation Map developed by NEA. We form strategic partnerships with our stakeholders and spearhead impactful projects to advance our technological aspirations for the industry, as well as uplift its workforce and improve productivity.

Key initiatives:

  • Environmental Services Industry Transformation Map 2025
  • Environmental Robotics Programme
  • Waste Management Progressive Wage Model

In partnering with the People, Public and Private sectors, NEA ensures that the community remains engaged in their environmental responsibilities. These sectors are key to Singapore's journey towards sustainability, as we continue to encourage environmental ownership as a way of life.

Key initiatives:

  • Launch of Bloobox and Bloobin
  • Say YES to Waste Less Campaign
  • Clean Public Toilets Campaign
  • Youth Environment Leaders Immersion Programme
  • Forward Singapore – Public Cleanliness Conversations

Public agencies in Singapore often come together to coordinate operations, share expertise and resources, and collaborate in inter-agency committees and task forces. To harness this synergy, NEA partners fellow public agencies in programmes to drive sustainability across the public sector.

Key initiatives:

  • Vehicular Emissions Enforcement
  • Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) – Joint Agencies Dialogue Session

The effects of climate change further intensify Singapore's vulnerability to transboundary environmental threats. To foster collaboration and knowledge exchange on the global stage, NEA engages our ASEAN and international counterparts, and leverages bilateral and multilateral platforms, to share Singapore's expertise in environmental management beyond our shores.

Key initiatives:

  • Memorandum of Understanding with International Offset Programmes
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response for Radiation Monitoring and Modelling
  • Integrated Nuclear Security Sustainability Plan
  • 2022 ASEAN Network of Regulatory Bodies on Atomic Energy meeting
  • CleanEnviro Summit Singapore 2022
  • Disease Control Events and Engagements
  • ASEAN Working Group on Chemicals and Waste
  • ASEAN Task Force on Peatlands and its Associated Meetings
  • Bilateral Cooperation and Engagement


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