CEO's Message

NEA CEO Wong Kang Jet

Building a cleaner, more sustainable and better future for everyone in Singapore. This has been our mission as stewards of the environment since our founding just over 20 years ago. The work that we undertake is wideranging. In his foreword, Chuan Seng emphasised our contributions to tackling the climate crisis and closing the waste loop. Let me highlight a few other areas.

We stepped up mosquito inspections last year as we experienced a surge in dengue cases. We will continue to evolve our approach to vector control as we expand Project Wolbachia, which has shown much promise. Likewise, we have taken more rat control measures as we saw a slight uptick in the number of rat burrows detected. Additionally, to deter littering, we held Corrective Work Order sessions at city areas for the first time, and introduced a statutory presumption clause to further deter littering from residential flats.

Hawker centres are vital community spaces that we manage. Last year, we opened four new hawker centres and two replacement centres. Six are currently under construction. We supported our hawkers through COVID-19, and will continue to grow our hawker centres as vibrant community nodes. We will also continue to improve cleanliness at our hawker centres through the enforcement of used tray and crockery return.

On monitoring and better understanding of our environment, air quality in Singapore was comparable to previous years. To enhance surveillance of diseases, we adapted our COVID-19 wastewater testing capabilities to monitor other threats, including Zika. In the area of radiological and nuclear safety, we worked with other government agencies to strengthen our nuclear security sustainability plan, and with our regional counterparts to strengthen capability building in ASEAN.

Our efforts as stewards of the environment are greatly amplified by our many partners in the community and industry. We appreciate their contributions and encourage more to step forward. Our gratitude also goes to everyone for supporting and contributing to our initiatives, from recycling right to raising public toilet hygiene to preventing dengue.

As we commemorate our 20th anniversary, let me also acknowledge the dedication and commitment of our officers, some of whom have been with us since the beginning. We are committed to nurturing them, and to creating a conducive and safe workplace for them to grow in. Lastly, I thank my predecessor Luke Goh for his many contributions, and for his strong focus on people amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.