Ensuring a Clean and Sustainable Environment for Singapore

As the national authority on environmental public health standards in Singapore, NEA undertakes a critical role to maintain these standards through research, ground surveillance, enforcement, licensing and outreach.

Key initiatives:

  • Dengue Management and Prevention
  • Rat Control
  • Environmental Sanitation
  • High-rise Littering
  • Littering
  • Smoking Prohibition

NEA enforces strict regulations in line with international standards to limit emissions, and implements various initiatives to monitor, prevent and mitigate environmental pollution. NEA plays a pivotal role to sustain a clean environment for all Singaporeans.

Key initiatives:

  • Air Pollution
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Vehicular Emissions Scheme 
  • Water Discharge
  • Recreational Beach Water Quality
  • Construction Noise

With Singapore’s limited land and dense urban population, effective and targeted management of our respective waste streams is key as we progress towards a Zero Waste Nation and circular economy, contributing to the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Key initiatives:

  • Recycling Targets
  • Food Waste
  • Packaging Waste
  • Disposable Carrier Bag Charge
  • Chemical Recycling 
  • Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme
  • Energy Efficiency Fund
  • Hydrofluorocarbons
  • Carbon capture

Situated one degree north of the equator, Singapore's tropical climate presents its own unique set of environmental challenges. To prepare for the effects of climate change, NEA's Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) provides reliable and responsive weather and climate services, towards greater public safety and a climate-resilient economy.

Key initiatives:

  • Strategic Relationship Arrangement with Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology
  • Launch of Supercomputer, Utama
  • Memorandum of Understanding with Singapore Land Authority
  • Launch of Climate Impact Science Research Programme

Hawker centres are truly an integral part of Singapore's culture. As a natural extension of this culture, hawker centres have become time-tested institutions that serve as important places for community bonding.

Key initiative:

  • Launch of New and Replacement Hawker Centres


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