Enabled by a High Performance and Future-ready NEA

We consistently innovate to create capacity and achieve process excellence. As the demand for environmental services rises, it is essential to shift towards a pro-enterprise mindset and improve efficiency through innovative solutions across regulations and practices, to drive excellence and ensure a safe and healthy environment for all employees and stakeholders.

Key initiatives:

  • Community of Practice for Radiochemistry Laboratories
  • Personal Dose Monitoring
  • Integrated Regulatory Review Service Mission to Singapore
  • Marine Oil Spill
  • Revised Cleaning Business Licensing Framework
  • Integrated Operations Management System
  • Implementation of Digital Systems in Cloud
  • Streamlining of Death Registration Process
  • Innovation Framework
  • Innovation Awards

To harness data analytics effectively, NEA works in tandem with a network of relevant partners to advance our capabilities through R&D. Continuously improving our internal capabilities allows us to respond swiftly and effectively in today’s complex environment. With the aim of optimising regulations, and strengthening our collective science, technology and engineering resources, we strive to ensure win-win solutions for all stakeholders. NEA is also committed to optimising operational efficiency and delivering citizen-centric services through digitalisation.

Key initiatives:

  • Project Wolbachia – Singapore
  • Operational Preparedness for Dengue
  • Preparedness Capabilities against Diseases
  • One Integrated Licensing System
  • ePortal
  • Digitalisation Milestones
  • Data and Analytics Capabilities
  • Support for Research and Development Projects

Building robust capabilities is crucial to NEA, considering our diverse scope of work and wide-ranging stakeholders. We have put in place best practices to ensure continued transparency and accountability to our stakeholders. Other government agencies, such as the Ministry of Finance and the Auditor-General’s Office, serve as external controls to reinforce ethical and responsible conduct within NEA.

Key initiatives:

  • Human Resource Strategies
  • Employee Engagement Framework
  • Captain Green Cares Community
  • Refresh of Core Values
  • Fair Employment and Work-life Effectiveness
  • Diverse Workforce
  • Workplace Safety and Health
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Financial Sustainability

NEA advocates fair employment, career opportunities and supporting work-life effectiveness. We are also committed to equipping our employees with skills, knowledge and competencies to perform current and future roles.

Key initiatives:

  • Employee Development
  • Job Competency Matrix Framework


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