Public Sector Taking the Lead in Environmental Sustainability

Public agencies in Singapore often come together to coordinate operations, share expertise and resources, and collaborate in inter-agency committees and task forces. To harness this synergy, NEA partners fellow public agencies in programmes to drive sustainability across the public sector.

Building a Community of Practice in Radiochemistry

NEA monitors ambient radiation levels for any increases in radioactive substances in the environment, food and water. We also work with regional regulators and ensure Singapore’s compliance with international obligations for nuclear safety.

We have progressively ramped up our capabilities in ambient radioactivity monitoring and testing. In September 2021, NEA’s National Radiochemistry Laboratory championed a Community of Practice (COP) for Radiochemistry Laboratories, with members from the Home Team Science & Technology Agency, PUB and SFA. The COP aims to advance technical knowledge and competency in radiochemistry through innovation, promote an open and collaborative community, sustain capability during peacetime, and be able to ramp up capacities to meet a surge in demand during emergencies.

Since its formation, the COP has conducted several activities of common interests, including sharing sessions on Proficiency Test Performance, and Determination of Gross Alpha and Gross Beta in water samples. Moving forward, we will continue to work with COP members to build capabilities and deepen collaboration.

Integrating Sensors for Better Air Quality

NEA collaborated with the Government Technology Agency of Singapore to leverage the Singapore Government Tech Stack for Device Management Control and Data Acquisition to implement new sensor system projects. The collaboration successfully shortened the onboarding process of new sensors to strengthen capabilities in chemical pollution monitoring and control. This allows the operations team to easily access near real-time sensor readings and alerts through an existing secured platform that is compliant with stringent security policies and standards. We will progressively onboard other sensor systems that are due for a technology refresh, while keeping abreast of the latest technological innovations in air quality monitoring.

Stakeholder Engagement Highlight

Accelerating Operational Readiness
The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for the public sector to be ready and prepared at all times, to respond swiftly and effectively to any dynamic ground situations, such as environmental and public health incidents.

In collaboration with WOG agencies, a series of proofs-of-concept have been earmarked to drive data-centric operations through the proliferation of data. This includes exploring industrial Internet of Things convergence sensor devices with IT applications for more seamless sensor operations, to training video analytics models on a one-stop platform as part of a bigger system.