Active Community as Stewards of the Environment

NEA works closely with the People, Public and Private sectors to drive environmental ownership through various campaigns and programmes. These sectors are critical to Singapore's journey towards sustainability, as everyone can contribute to a cleaner and greener way of life.

Cultivating Young Environmental Leaders

In July 2021, NEA launched the Youth for Environmental Sustainability (YES) programme, to provide a robust well-rounded platform for youths to develop environmental leadership capabilities.

To engage youths effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic, the YES programme rolled out online content in collaboration with popular content publishers, and launched a #SGEcoHacks challenge with prizes sponsored by Accor Hotels & Resorts. Beyond the online efforts, we also cemented a new partnership with the Youth Corps Singapore, through NEA’s YES edition of the Youth Corps Leaders Programme. Designed as a capability development programme for aspiring youth leaders, the programme comprises a structured learning framework coupled with a service-learning project, to provide them with environmental sustainability knowledge, skillsets and experience. As part of YES, NEA also partnered organisations such as L’Oréal Group Singapore, the National University of Singapore (NUS), SembWaste, and the South West Community Development Council to implement various initiatives to support youth actions.

Keeping Private Estate Roads Clean

Vehicles parked along private estate roads hinder the cleaning efficiency of mechanical road sweepers. With a common goal towards cleaner public streets, NEA engaged residents of private estates to implement alternative roadside parking initiatives on planned road sweeping dates. We sought their cooperation to refrain from parking their vehicles on one side of the road on a specified day and time, after which they could resume their normal parking arrangements. To ensure clear communication, we placed signs and distributed pamphlets to inform residents in the estates ahead of the planned road sweeping dates.

Following the successful implementation in six residential estates, the Alternate Parking Project was extended to Jalan Wajek, a residential estate in the Northwest region, where it was warmly received. It will be extended to five more estates by December 2022.

Stakeholder Engagement Highlight

Encouraging Recycling with Behavioural Insights
To broaden recycling efforts, NEA collaborated with NUS to trial specially designed 'Recycle Right' recycling bins in public spaces. These bins were developed by NUS and piloted on the university campus, nudging users to recycle correctly and thereby reduce contamination. Building on the encouraging results from the campus pilot, NEA collaborated with NUS to conduct a trial at three shopping malls from November 2021 to January 2022. Data collected showed improvements in user recycling behaviour and a reduction in contamination of the recycling bins. In addition, some premises owners have expressed interest in using these recycling bins on their premises to aid their recycling activities.