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NEA Whistleblowing Channels
The NEA whistleblowing channels provide avenues to report any incidents of fraud or misconduct occurring within NEA or relating directly to NEA’s staff, in good faith, without fear of reprisal, for appropriate investigation and action. The channels are independently managed by the Internal Audit Division.

Any person who makes a report in good faith can rest assured that no action will be taken against him/her even if the investigation reveals no wrongdoing. However, firm action will be taken against any person who makes false, malicious or frivolous report, including reporting the matter to the police. 

Examples of Reportable Incidents
Incidents of fraud or misconduct which are reportable include:
  • Manipulation and deliberate error in the preparation, evaluation, review, audit of financial accounts and records such as:
    • Inappropriately reported revenues, expenses and balance sheet amounts; and
    • Concealment of unauthorised transactions.

  • Misappropriation, theft or misuse of funds or assets such as:
    • Cash theft;
    • Disbursement for false or inflated invoices;
    • Payment to non-existent employee or for falsified hours and salary;
    • Reimbursement for fictitious or inflated claims;
    • Forged authorisation of bank cheques; and
    • Inventory theft.

  • Administrative malpractice such as:
    • Not observing proper procedures when procuring goods and services; and
    • Not disclosing conflict of interest.

  • Participation in or condoning a reportable wrongdoing through wilful suppression or concealment of any information relating to a wrongdoing.
Information To Be Provided
To encourage responsible use of the whistleblowing channel, you should identify yourself and indicate your name and contact details in the report. All disclosures will be treated with utmost confidence and every effort will be made not to reveal your identity to the extent feasible and permissible under the law. In reporting any fraudulent or unethical activity, you shall, to the best of your ability, ensure that the information you provide is accurate. Your report should provide the following information where possible:

a. Description of the fraudulent or unethical activity;
b. Names, departments and designations of NEA staff allegedly involved;
c. Names and contact details of other parties allegedly involved;
d. Names and contact details of any witnesses;
e. Date, time and location of incident (including multiple occurrences);
f. How and when you come to know of the activity;
g. Value of any money or asset involved; 
h. Details of any evidence you may have or know of; and
i. Any other information that may substantiate the concern.

All cases of whistleblowing will be reported to the Audit Committee.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not compulsory for you to disclose your identity. However, reports made anonymously might not be investigated if insufficient information is provided. Therefore, you are encouraged to identify yourself so that follow-up clarification can be sought where necessary.

Under NEA’s whistleblowing policy, all reports will be treated with utmost confidence and every effort will be made not to reveal your identity, to the extent feasible and permissible under the law.

A preliminary assessment will be performed upon receipt of your report. However, an investigation will only be conducted when there are credible and sufficient information to do so. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to identify yourself when making the report so that further information can be sought if necessary.

Corruption activities should be reported directly to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau at the earliest opportunity at (i.e. online report) or 1800-376-0000 (i.e. local call).

Reporting Channels
The whistleblowing channels include:

Online Submission: Online Whistleblowing Form

Postal: Attention: Chairman, Audit Committee or Director, Internal Audit Division
             National Environment Agency
             Environment Building
             40 Scotts Road #11-00
             Singapore 228231

Any feedback or enquiries not relating to potential fraud and related misconduct should be submitted via the Online Feedback Form or myENV. Alternatively, please call our hotline at 6225 5632 (i.e. local call) or +65 6225 5632 (i.e. overseas call).