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Service Standards

Enquiries, Feedback

S/N Description Service Standards
1 Simple Enquiries
We aim to reply you within three working days
Complex Enquiries or Case-specific Feedback    We aim to reply you within three calendar weeks
2 NEA Hotline We aim to answer your call within 20 seconds

Services Catered for Businesses

S/N Types of Approval/ Licence/ Permit Application/Application for Environmental Service standards
We will process your application upon receiving all required documents.
1 Toxic industrial waste collector's licence Within seven working days
2 Hazardous substances licence or permit Within seven working days
3 Approval of transport of toxic industrial waste Within seven working days
4 Written permission to dispose treated toxic
industrial wastes at Semakau Landfill
Within seven working days
5Lodgement SchemeWithin three working days 
6 Approval of type of industrial allocation and location Within seven working days
7 Application (EI) for development control submissions Within seven working days
8 Development Control (DC) Within seven working days
9 Building plans on environmental health Within seven working days
10 Building plans on pollution control Within seven working days
11 Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) Within seven working days
12 Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) Within seven working days
13 General waste collectors licence Within three working days
14 Opening of disposal account Within three working days
15 Registration or deregistration of vehicles for refuse collection Within three working days
16 Registration of regulated goods under the Energy Conservation Act Within seven days
17 Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F) - Energy Assessments Within 14 working days
 18Radiation licence  Within 10 working days

Note: The service standards indicated above are intended only as a general guide.
Longer processing time may be required in certain cases.