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Nurturing Next Generation Of Environment, Water And Food Security Champions

02 Aug 2019

Singapore Food Agency joins National Water Agency PUB and National Environment Agency to award 17 NEW scholarships


Singapore, 2 August 2019 – 17 promising individuals received the National Environment and Water (NEW) Scholarship from Singapore’s Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos Zulkifli, at the NEW Scholarship Award Ceremony this afternoon. The recipients will be pursuing studies in engineering, environmental, food and science-related domains, that will allow them to contribute to important initiatives to mitigate climate change and other increasingly complex environmental challenges while safeguarding Singapore’s water and food security.

2       The scholarship holders were selected from a pool of over 800 scholarship applicants. This is also the first time the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is joining the two agencies under the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources – national water agency PUB and the National Environment Agency (NEA) –  to offer scholarships since its formation in April 2019.    

3       The NEW Scholarship seeks to groom and nurture young talent who are keen to develop a career in the environment, water or food security sectors, in a related field of study in a local or overseas university. Upon graduation, the scholarship recipients will embark on an exciting career with either PUB, NEA or SFA. They will have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions through a diverse range of roles including mitigating climate change, encouraging energy efficiency, developing Singapore’s water resources, fostering industry and technology development. A total of 171 NEW Scholarships have been offered since its inception in 2008.

4          Ahmad Taufiq Bin Rohaimi, 21, who will be pursuing a double major in Chemical Engineering and Systems Engineering in the National University of Singapore, was one of the recipients for this year’s NEW Scholarship from PUB. Taufiq shared, “I have always aspired to contribute back to the betterment of society in a job which combines both my love for the sciences with technical knowledge. My internship with PUB’s Technology Department gave me a first-hand appreciation of Singapore’s water supply, and the importance of having sustainable water supply. I am grateful that this scholarship allows me to play a meaningful part in Singapore’s water future.”

5          “Our continued ability to ensure water resilience and sustainability is a cornerstone to Singapore’s survival and economic prosperity. We are pleased to welcome our NEW Scholarship recipients to join us in PUB’s mission of supplying good water, reclaiming used water and taming stormwater, as we work towards securing Singapore’s water future”, said Mr Ng Joo Hee, Chief Executive, PUB.

 6         Bryan Ooi, 23, graduated with a Diploma with Merit in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Intrigued by the wealth of science experiments and projects which he embarked on during his studies, he chose to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering at the National University of Singapore, to equip himself with the current trends and advancement in science and technology. Being awarded the NEW Scholarship means that he is able to make a positive impact on the quality of lives nationwide through the wide ground that NEA covers.  He shared, “A well-planned waste management system and environmental resource monitoring programme are fundamental requirements of urban cities. I am excited to pursue a career with an organisation that works hard towards the betterment of society and the personal fulfilment from the tackling of environmental issues.”

7          Mr Tan Meng Dui, Chief Executive Officer of NEA said, “NEA is happy to welcome this year’s batch of NEW scholars into our ranks. They all share one thing in common, which is NEA’s vision of creating a clean, liveable and sustainable Singapore.  The work of environment sustainability is a never-ending one, and an existential issue for a small city state like Singapore.  These scholars have chosen not only a challenging and exciting career, but ultimately one that is meaningful and impactful, as what they do will contribute to safeguarding of Singapore’s environment and future for the generations to come.”

8          For Lau Kai Kiat, 20, who has been awarded a scholarship to pursue Food Technology in Wageningen University & Research in The Netherlands next year, he looks forward to use the knowledge acquired from his future studies to contribute to Singapore’s food security. “The cultivation of food science knowledge coupled with our strong technological infrastructure can give rise to innovative food solutions. I am grateful for the chance to be part of an organisation which works towards ensuring our food security, while establishing Singapore into a food hub for others to look towards for solutions,” he said.

9          Mr Lim Kok Thai, Chief Executive Officer of SFA said, “The NEW Scholarship is an avenue for grooming future leaders with multi-disciplinary expertise who are ready to seize opportunities to turn our food challenges into strategic advantages. We look forward to our NEW Scholars contributing in various spheres of work within SFA to ensure safe food for all.”

10     Under the NEW Scholarship, NEA and PUB offer both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, while SFA offers undergraduate scholarships. These present opportunities for both undergraduates and fresh graduates to pursue a Mid-Term and Masters scholarship. PUB focuses on students pursuing engineering disciplines, mainly in Civil, Electrical, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering; while NEA focuses on environmental-related disciplines such as Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Environmental Management, as well as Sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Sciences and Meteorology, amongst others. SFA focuses on science disciplines such as Agricultural Sciences, Aquaculture, Chemistry, Food Science and Life Sciences.

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For more information, please contact us at 1800-CALL NEA (1800-2255 632) or submit your enquiries electronically via the Online Feedback Form or myENV mobile application.

Annex A

NEW Scholarship Award Presentation Ceremony 2019


Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos Zulkifli (centre), together with the 2019 National Environment and Water (NEW) scholars from National Water Agency PUB, National Environment Agency and Singapore Food Agency.


Annex B  

Profiles of Scholarship Recipients

(A) /NEW Scholarships awarded from NEA – 7 Recipients


Name and age

Course and University



Bryan Ooi Kean Hong, 23

Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering National University of Singapore

Bryan chose Chemical Engineering as it is a versatile and extremely functional field of study which would allow flexibility in career postings, in the diverse work of NEA. Armed with an innate sense of curiosity, he aspires to be a valuable asset to the organisation not only as an engineer but also as a fresh voice in today’s need for unconventional thinking.


Grace Guan Yaxin, 19

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Economics National University of Singapore

Grace aspires to pursue a career that aligns with her passion in meteorology and preserving the hawker culture.Grace intends to pursue a degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics, two disciplines which would sharpen problem-solving skills, as well as instil a critical and analytical mind-set. She is keen to develop data analytic skills which would in a way contribute towards NEA’s mission of a cleaner, sustainable environment.


Hoy Huixin, Sherilyn, 19

Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences, with a Specialisation in Environmental Biology National University of Singapore

Sherilyn’s passion lies in encouraging people to learn more about the environment. She chose to specialise in Environment Biology, after a deeper appreciation for the interactions within ecosystems in the natural environment. She is eager to share her passion for the environment andaspires to pursue a career that aligns her passion for the environment so that she can make significant contributions to protection of the environmental and the conservation of its ecosystem.


Ang Bing Hong, Shawn, 21

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Earth Systems Science and Public Policy and Global Affairs Nanyang Technological University of Singapore

Passionate about championing environmental issues and social causes, Shawn aspires to be part of this comprehensive framework to drive positive changes. He will be pursuing a degree in Environmental Earth Systems Science and Public Policy and Global Affairs as he believes that his degree will put him in good stead to equip him with a thorough understanding and grasp of these different environmental issues.


Nadia Angelica, 18

Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering (Direct Masters) Imperial College London, UK

Nadia chose to pursue Civil Engineering after reading about environmental crises and the growing need for sustainable design. The engineering discipline was a natural choice with Nadia’s love for Math and Physics.

She aspires to be an engineer who will shape and develop the world around her to be better, using her knowledge and abilities to help others and make a difference in people’s life.


Tan Wei Han Gabriel, 21

Master of Science in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry (Direct Masters)
Imperial College London, UK

Gabriel is passionate about the environment and helping people live their best lives. He chose to study Chemistry with a specialisation in Medicinal Chemistry, as he believes that the medicinal aspect of chemistry is increasingly relevant in Singapore, with the rising threat of diseases and the increasing need to manage material use and substitute chemicals. Gabriel hopes to contribute towards a greener eco-friendly Singapore.


Yee Qian Qi, Hillary, 20

Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences National University of Singapore

Hillary is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences at National University of Singapore. She is keen to pursue a research career in the field related to Environmental Biology. She is extremely interested in the different specialisation fields of Life Sciences (genetics, molecular cell biology, and environmental biology) and how it can be combined in a creative way to provide a solution for an issue threatening public health.

She appreciates the importance of NEA’s work, the passion of those working together to bring its mission to fruition, and wishes to be a part its community in the future.

(B) NEW Scholarships awarded from PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency – 5 Recipients


Name and age

Course and University



Ahmad Taufiq Bin Rohaimi, 21

Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering with Systems Engineering (Double Major)
National University of Singapore

Taufiq’s internship at PUB’s Technology Department affirmed his decision to pursue a career with PUB and the NEW Scholarship.

His experience made him better appreciate the importance of PUB’s work in safeguarding Singapore’s water resources, especially given the challenges we face and factors such as climate change.

He looks forward to a dynamic and challenging career in PUB as he wants to be able to contribute to PUB’s meaningful mission in ensuring an adequate, efficient and sustainable supply of water to the public.


Koh Jing Chie, 25

Master of Science in Hydrology and Water Resource Management
Imperial College London, UK

Driven by the pressing issue of global water scarcity, Jing Chie has developed a passion for the water sector and hopes to play a part in ensuring Singapore’s water resilience.

He is inspired to pursue a career with PUB after completing his internship and final year thesis project with PUB’s Technology Department, where he was based in Kranji NEWater Factory.

He decided to further his Environmental Engineering degree with a Master of Science in Hydrology and Water Resource Management so as to diversify his expertise and have a more holistic knowledge base that would allow him to better contribute to PUB’s efforts in serving Singapore’s future water needs.


Wang Ruo Xuan, 18


Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
National University of Singapore

Ruo Xuan views water as the backbone of a country’s survival. He is grateful to receive the scholarship, which gives him the conditions to maximise his capabilities.

He is excited to pursue Mechanical Engineering as he believes that this engineering discipline would equip him with the knowledge to harness technologies and innovation to better secure Singapore’s water sustainability. He looks forward to being a part of the waste-energy-water nexus and achieving better efficiencies in PUB’s water treatment processes.


Lim Yuh Ching, 19

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
National University of Singapore

Yuh Ching seeks to make a positive difference in the water sector as an Electrical Engineer. He is particularly interested in technology and innovations that can revolutionise the water sector to ensure water security and meet future water demand, and hopes to contribute in this area of work.


Ho Yenn Shen, 27*

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
National University of Singapore

Yenn Shen thinks that Singaporeans are very fortunate to have a clean and reliable water supply system. He is inspired to be a part of PUB that works towards ensuring a sustainable water resource and efficient network system in Singapore for future generations.

He is eager to apply his knowledge in Mechanical Engineering to contribute to areas such as PUB’s drainage planning and the next phase of the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System.


Zaw Maw Htun, 23**

Renaissance Engineering Programme (Mechanical Engineering)
Nanyang Technological University


Zaw Maw Htun thinks that water is an essential part of our everyday lives. Working towards being an engineer would allow Zaw to be part of PUB’s mission to provide safe and quality water for Singapore residents. He feels privileged to be awarded the NEW Scholarship which will help him to focus on excelling in school.

*Not able to attend the ceremony.

** Awarded in 2018 but was unable to attend the ceremony in 2018

(C) NEW Scholarships awarded from Singapore Food Agency (SFA) – 5 Recipients


Name and age




Lau Kai Kiat, 20


Bachelor of Science in Food Technology
Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

Kai Kiat has been passionate about food nutrition, food science and sustainability since young. Observing that the concerns of food security extend beyond the biology and chemistry of food, he is keen to develop a holistic understanding of the food industry, from safety checks, quality assurance, laboratory work and policymaking. Kai Kiat believes that his area of study will equip him with the necessary skills to support existing and future food-related processes.


Adwin Ong Reng Jun, 24


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
Nanyang Technological University

Adwin chose to pursue Chemistry, intrigued by the concept of chemical reactions and how the specific interactions between different molecules and compounds could be used to produce useful materials and even complex biological organisms like humans and animals. He believes that food is one of the most important resources that a country requires, and would like to contribute towards the safety standards and quality of food for Singapore.


Charles Tan, 22


Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy National University of Singapore

During his food and chemical safety internship early this year, Charles was struck by the importance of ensuring a continuous supply of food that is safe for consumption. He is excited for the opportunity to work on novel projects which aim to improve food safety in Singapore.


Luke-John Lee Suen Keat, 21


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
National University of Singapore

To Luke-John, food plays a huge role in defining Singapore’s culture. As such, he believes that our food safety standards have to be kept at the high standard that we have achieved thus far. Luke-John wanted to play a role in keeping this standard to safeguard Singapore's food culture.


Shi Wei Fei, 20*


Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences
National University of Singapore

Wei Fei wanted to pursue a career relevant to his studies as a Life Sciences student. He is particularly interested in molecular and cell biology, and enjoys modules such as protein engineering. He believes that it would be exciting and purposeful to be involved in shaping a young government agency, as it has much potential to develop and grow.