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Launch of Say YES to Waste Less

Rallying everyone to reduce use of disposables and work towards a Zero Waste Nation

Launch of Say YES to Waste Less

Senior Minister of State (SMS) for the Environment and Water Resources (EWR), Dr Amy Khor launched NEA’s ‘Say YES to Waste Less’ campaign at IKEA Tampines on 8 June 2019, together with 59 partners from major food and beverage establishments, malls/retail chains, e-tailers, supermarkets, hotels, schools, organisations such as Community Development Councils, and non-governmental organisations. 

Reduce disposables, encourage resuables

“NEA is launching the “Say YES to Waste Less” campaign today, to encourage all of us to say yes to reusables, and increase their use in our daily lives. Our collective efforts to conserve our resources today will pave the way towards a sustainable environment for future generations.”

At the launch, SMS (EWR) spoke about the urgent need to treasure our precious resources and protect our environment, and urged everyone to choose reusables. 

Over the next three months, more than 1,600 premises under these 59 organisations will be encouraging the public to reduce the use of disposables, through initiatives such as encouraging customers to opt out of receiving disposable cutlery with their online orders, not offering water in disposable bottles at meeting rooms and communal areas, and providing incentives to customers who bring their reusables. 

Say YES to Waste Less_1
Senior Minister of State Dr Amy Khor making her welcome address

Partners in Say YES to Waste Less

As part of the launch, partners were invited to view the Say YES to Waste Less TV commercial, interactive exhibits, partner booths, and to participate in a networking session. Among the exhibits was a giant ball made of disposables representing the large amounts of disposable waste discarded, to nudge the community towards lifestyle changes that reduce the use of disposables.

Launch of Say YES to Waste Less_2
SMS Dr Khor viewing the giant ball made up of plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic food containers.

Launch of Say YES to Waste Less_3
Partners taking part in a networking session at the launch.

Launch of Say YES to Waste Less_4
Public engagement by a partner.

Make the Right Choice. Choose Reusables. Say YES to Waste Less. 

However, it is not just organisations or institutions that can join the Say YES to Waste Less campaign. All of us individually can do so and encourage our friends and family to join too. There are many ways you can help reduce our waste — bring your own reusable bottles, bags and containers when heading out, and use them for your groceries and takeaways.

Launch of Say YES to Waste Less_5
Let’s Make the Right Choice. Choose reusables. Say YES to Waste Less.