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Singapore Will Usher In Euro VI Emission Standard For Diesel Vehicles From January 2018

30 Dec 2014

Stricter vehicle emission standard coming into force will enable Singapore to achieve better air quality

Singapore, 30 December 2014 – The Euro VI emission standard for new diesel vehicles is set to come into force in Singapore from 1 January 2018. In NEA’s continued effort to further improve air quality and safeguard public health, this latest and more stringent standard will serve to further reduce the emission of air pollutants such as fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission from diesel vehicles.

2          The National Environment Agency (NEA) has been consulting the automotive industry since early 2014 on the new standard. It was finalised after a thorough assessment, with the industry given sufficient lead time to bring in automobiles equipped with advanced emission control technology to meet the emission requirements.

3          The Euro VI is the latest vehicular emission standard set by the European Union (EU). The EU’s vehicular emission standard imposes strict rules on tailpipe emission for new vehicles sold in EU member states. They have also been progressively implemented in other countries. Currently, the standard for diesel vehicles in Singapore is Euro V.

4          Currently, some Euro VI compliant vehicles have already been registered and operating on the road. By January 2018, there will be an adequate range of Euro VI diesel vehicle models for consumers to choose from.

5          Additionally, NEA will accept diesel vehicles that meet Japanese emission standard (JPN 2009 and Post-Post New Long-Term (PPNLT)[1]  emission regulations for light and heavy duty diesel vehicles respectively) as meeting the Euro VI standard, provided their Particulate Number (PN)[2] emission can meet the Euro VI limit.   



[1] PPNLT emission regulations will be implemented in Japan with effect from 2016 for heavy duty diesel vehicles.

[2] PN - Particle number limit specified under the Euro VI emission standard. For light duty diesel vehicles, the limit is 6 x 10^11 and for Heavy duty diesel vehicles, the limits are 8 x 10^11 and 6.0 x 10^11 based on steady and transient test cycles.

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