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Launch Of New myENV Mobile App To Provide Integrated Information And Services For The Environment, Water And Food

31 Mar 2021


Singapore, 31 March 2021 – A new version of the myENV mobile app which provides a one-stop mobile platform for integrated information on our environment, water services and food safety has been launched today. It integrates information from the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) family statutory boards – the National Environment Agency (NEA), National Water Agency PUB, and Singapore Food Agency (SFA) - to provide users with real-time content through a unified interface.

2          The new myENV app provides a comprehensive suite of information and services covering weather, air quality, dengue hot spots, water levels in PUB’s network of drains and canals during rainfall events, alerts on flash floods, water service disruptions, hawker centres, food safety, and more. The new myENV app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play store from today. Existing myENV app users will be prompted to upgrade to the new myENV app.

New features to look out for

3          The app has many new key features. Highlighted here are some of the useful features:

a)  A consolidated dashboard for key environmental information;

b)  Personalised locations such as home, office, childcare centre to know the environmental issues happening at these locations;

c)  Widgets can now be added to access the key environmental information without even opening the app;

d)  Users can choose to receive push notifications on food recalls, suspensions and downgrading of food establishments;

e)  Tutorial for new users to start the myENV experience quickly.

4          With the integrated app, users can now find answers to questions related to NEA, PUB and SFA seamlessly through our chatbot, ‘Ask Jamie @myENV’. Feedback on environmental, water and food safety issues can also be filed through the app.

Launch of new myENV

Fig. 1:Users can look forward to dynamic visual cues on environmental conditions as well as an integrated ‘Ask Jamie @ myENV’ and ‘Report an Issue’ for NEA, PUB, SFA, on the new myENV app.

5          This app is currently offered as a beta version. We would like to seek public feedback via comments on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on how we can serve them better by improving the app further. We will be rolling out other new useful features progressively.

6          Mr Desmond Tan, Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment said, “The new myENV app provides trusted, real-time and accurate information from NEA, PUB and SFA on a single platform. It enables individuals to take ownership of the environment by providing feedback in a convenient and efficient manner. With this integrated app, we hope to provide a more citizen-centric service experience and to better engage the community.”

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For more information, please submit your enquiries electronically via the Online Feedback Form or myENV mobile application. Alternatively, you contact us at 6225 5632.