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Committee of Supply (2019)

07 Mar 2019

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Towards A Zero Waste Nation

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Mandatory Reporting Framework for Packaging

Under the mandatory packaging reporting framework, producers of packaging and packaged products will be required to collect data on the types and amounts of packaging they place on the market, draw up plans for reducing the amount of packaging that will end up as waste for disposal, and report the packaging data and plans to the NEA on an annual basis. The reporting framework comes into effect in 2020.

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Mandatory Waste Reporting Framework for Large Industrial Premises, and Convention and Exhibition Centres

In large industrial developments, and convention and exhibition centres, large amounts of waste, which are homogeneous and recyclable, are generated. The owners, occupiers or lessees of such premises will be required to track the amount of waste they generate from 2020 onwards and submit their first reports to NEA in 2021.

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Mandatory Food Waste Segregation for Treatment

From 2024 onwards, NEA will make it mandatory for the owners and operators of commercial and industrial premises, where large amounts of food waste are generated, to segregate their food waste for treatment.
Such premises include large hotels and malls, large industrial developments housing food manufacturers, food caterers or food storage warehouses.

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Update on E-waste Management System

NEA will be appointing one Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) to collect consumer e-waste for recycling, with collection targets that the PRO must meet by 2024.
Producers of consumer electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) will be required to finance the PRO. To assist smaller businesses with the implementation of the e-waste management system, small EEE producers will be exempted from this.

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1. COS2019 Towards A Zero Waste Nation
2. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for E-waste by 2021

An Endearing Home with High Quality Living Environment

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Sustaining the Hawker Trade and Supporting New Entrants

The Incubation Stall Programme by NEA provides eligible and aspiring hawkers with the platform to learn the ropes of being a hawker in a practical way, test out their business plans, and decide if they are suited for the hawker trade. To provide greater support for the Incubation stallholders, NEA has extended the six-month tenure at a 50% discount off rental rates to nine months, from 1 Mar 2019.  

NEA will also provide stallholders at existing hawker centres with an additional two years of subsidies, at stepped down rates of 50% and 30% in the third and fourth years respectively, to address cost concerns and further encourage stallholders’ adoption of a centralised dishwashing service.
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