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NEA Urges Adherence To COVID-19 Safe Management Measures, Encourages Seniors To Opt For Takeaway Food

01 Oct 2021

Singapore, 1 October 2021 – The recent rise in COVID-19 cases has seen seniors at higher risk of developing serious health complications if infected. The Agency for Integrated Care has advised seniors to minimise mask-off activities and to go out only for essential activities in the coming weeks. The National Environment Agency (NEA) urges seniors to take extra precautions and consider patronising their favourite hawker stalls by ordering takeaway instead of dining in, or having household members do so on their behalf where possible. They should in particular avoid dine-in meals or chats over drinks at hawker centres at this time.

2         We urge all visitors to markets and hawker centres to strictly comply with Safe Management Measures (SMMs). This includes observing safe distancing, adhering to permissible group sizes, and wearing a mask properly at all times. Masks are to be put on once the meal is finished. Agencies have received feedback of specific centres where groups tend to linger and lapse into SMM breaches. NEA has stepped up its enforcement rounds at markets and hawker centres, and has issued more than 300 fines to those who fail to heed advice on SMMs. Firm enforcement action will be taken when enforcement officers witness SMM infringements, such as patrons who intermingle and exceed the permissible group size of more than two persons, have their masks down but are no longer eating or drinking, or are consuming alcohol past 10.30pm.

3        Strict compliance with SMMs protects everyone. While 98% of stallholders and their assistants at our markets and hawker centres are vaccinated, we call on all stakeholders to be vigilant. Patrons, stallholders and others who enter our markets and hawker centres are reminded to perform SafeEntry check-in and check-out, wear their masks covering the nose and mouth fully, and practise good personal hygiene. NEA is also working closely with Hawkers’ Associations and Town Councils to keep our premises safe, and regularly undertake deep cleaning and disinfection of premises.

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Infographics on Encouraging the Elderly to Stay Home and Stay Safe