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Will NEA’s high-rise littering surveillance cameras invade my privacy by recording footage of activities inside my home?

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has stepped up on our enforcement efforts against littering to increase the likelihood of catching litterbugs, especially high-rise litterbugs, through the deployment of surveillance cameras. Over the past three years, NEA deployed cameras at more than 2,400 areas with persistent high-rise littering feedback, and took about 1,600 enforcement actions against persons caught yearly. *yearly breakdown of HRL feedback, camera deployments and enforcement in table 1.1

In our deployment of surveillance cameras, we are mindful of residents’ privacy and have put in place precautions. Our enforcement officers will ensure that the surveillance cameras are focused only on the external façade of the housing units being investigated, to capture the act of littering.

As for the handling of the video footage, only authorised NEA staff and the vendor can access the recording for official purposes. There are strict protocols governing the viewing and copying of the footage, to ensure that the recordings are used only for enforcement against high-rise litterbugs. The video evidence will be shared only for the purpose of court prosecution or to facilitate investigations. Footage that does not show any littering act will be destroyed after three months.

NEA takes a strict line against all offenders for littering. Over the past three years, about 19,600*yearly breakdown of littering tickets in table 1.2 below tickets were issued yearly.

Even as we step up our enforcement efforts to address the littering situation, we must continue to cultivate social graciousness, good habits, and a sense of collective responsibility for the cleanliness and safety of our neighbourhoods.

1.1 High Rise Littering Feedback, Camera Deployments, Enforcement

High Rise Littering Feedback, Camera Deployments, Enforcement

1.2 No. of Littering Tickets Issued
No of Littering Tickets Issued

Posted on 07 Oct 2022 09:00 AM