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Smoking Prohibition

The Smoking (Prohibition in Certain Places) Act seeks to provide a clean, safe and healthy environment for the public and to safeguard them from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke. Smoking prohibition in Singapore was first introduced in 1970 and has been progressively extended to cover virtually all indoor places and areas where the public congregate. Click here to find out more about the prohibition.

It is an offence for a person to smoke in non-smoking areas listed under the Smoking (Prohibition in Certain Places) Act.

The law requires the manager of the premises where smoking is not permitted to enforce the prohibition of smoking. This includes putting up signage to inform people of the smoking prohibition. Managers who do not enforce the smoking prohibition will be penalised.

The long-term policy goal is to prohibit smoking at all public places, except designated smoking points/areas. This will move the policy from a prohibitive list to a positive list. We seek to reach this goal by progressively extending the Smoking (Prohibition in Certain Places) Act to public places where the public will be impacted in their daily lives.

The smoking prohibition was last extended on 15 January 2013 to include any common area of any residential premises or building (e.g. common corridor, void decks, staircases); any covered or underground pedestrian walkway, whether permanent or temporary; any pedestrian overhead bridge; any bus stop or bus shelter, including any area within a radius of 5 metres from the outer edge of the shelter; and hospital outdoor compounds. 

List of New Smoke Free Areas Included in the Smoking (Prohibition in Certain Places) Act 

Residential Estates Public Spaces
All common areas including:
  • Linkways from bus stops to residential blocks
  • Void decks
  • Corridors
  • Staircases
  • Stairwells
  • Multi-purpose halls
  • Covered walkways and linkways
  • All pedestrian bridges
  • 5 metres from the edge of bus stops
  • Hospital outdoor compounds

Smoking Prohibition Pamphlet - English and Malay   Smoking Prohibition - Mandarin and Tamil

List of Areas Where Smoking Is Generally Allowed*

 Approved smoking rooms at entertainment outlets
 Approved smoking corners at outdoors refreshment areas of food establishments.
 Parks and Park Connectors excluding:
  • Neighbourhood Park located next to Block 809 and 810 Yishun Ring Road
  • Smoke-free parks as listed under NParks' website
  • Playgrounds, fitness areas, shelters, toilets and any other areas within the parks and park connectors with “No Smoking” signs
 Private vehicles (e.g. car), excluding private buses
 Open space in residential estates
 Open public spaces (e.g. Marina Promenade)
 Open space in town centres
 Residential Homes
 Surface carparks
 Uncovered areas of the top of multi-storey carparks
 Uncovered walkways
 Vacant land

 (*Specific facilities or buildings located in these areas, e.g. restaurants and 5 metres from entrances to buildings will still fall within a smoking prohibited area. Smoking is also banned in queues formed in any of these areas. While the smoking prohibition applies to all public areas, the public should be mindful of any houserules or by-laws put in place by owners/managers of premises against smoking in their premises.)

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