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Singapore Packaging Agreement

The Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) is a joint initiative by government, industry and NGOs to reduce packaging waste, which constitutes about one-third by weight of Singapore’s domestic waste. The Agreement is voluntary, so as to provide flexibility for the industry to adopt cost-effective solutions to reduce waste.

NEA launched the first SPA in 2007 to reduce packaging waste. It was signed by various parties including industry associations, individual companies, non-governmental organisations, the Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore, public waste collectors and NEA on 5 June 2007, World Environment Day.

Progress Update

The first SPA lasted for five years, from 1 July 2007. Signatories had expressed keen interest to continue their participation in the programme as they had benefited from the achievements in waste reduction and cost savings. Therefore, when the first SPA expired on 30 June 2012, a second SPA took its place, with effect from 1 July 2012. The second SPA has made good progress so far, and in 2015 the signatories have cumulatively reduced about 26,000 tonnes of packaging waste and saved more than S$58 million. The second SPA, originally due to expire on 30 June 2015, has been extended for five years till 30 June 2020 to enable the signatories to build on the good work achieved so far.


 Click here for the full list of signatories.

Governing Board

The implementation of the SPA is overseen by a Governing Board. Please click here for the full list of Governing Board members.

Chairman Mr Ong Lye Huat Head of EHS and Security, Abbott Manufacturing Singapore Pte Ltd
1st Deputy Chairman Dr Lee Hui Mien Head of Sustainability, IKEA Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand
2nd Deputy Chairman Mr Sunny Koh, PBM Deputy President, Singapore Manufacturing Federation
Chairman, F&B Industry Group, Singapore Manufacturing Federation
Advisor Mr Albert Lim Director, Packagers Pte Ltd

Joining the Agreement

Companies that are currently not parties to the Singapore Packaging Agreement, but wish to join the Agreement can do so any time until 30 June 2020 simply by completing the application form and sending the completed form to Click here to view the second Singapore Packaging Agreement.

For more information about the Singapore Packaging Agreement, please email or call 1800-2255 632 (1800-CALL NEA).

3R Packaging Awards

The annual 3R Packaging Awards serve to recognise signatories who have made notable efforts and achievements in reducing packaging waste.

In 2015, 16 companies were selected to receive the 3R Packaging Awards. They received the awards from the Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources, Dr Amy Khor, at the WasteMET Asia Industry Awards Dinner on 22 October 2015 at the MAX Atria, Singapore Expo. The commendable work done by the Distinction and Merit Award winners in reducing waste can be found in the 3R Packaging Awards 2015 Booklet.

Award recipients in 2015

Platinum Award
  1. Nestlé Singapore Pte Ltd
  2. Seagate Technology International
  3. Tetra Pak Jurong Pte Ltd
Gold Award
  1. Abbott
  2. Boncafé International Pte Ltd
  3. F&N Foods Pte Ltd
  4. Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd
  5. Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd
  6. Hewlett-Packard (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  7. Subway Singapore Development Pte Ltd
  8. Sunfresh Singapore Pte Ltd
  9. Thong Siek Food Industry Pte Ltd
  10. Toshiba TEC Singapore Pte Ltd
Distinction Award
  1. Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages Pte Ltd
  2. F&N Foods Pte Ltd
  3. Nestlé Singapore Pte Ltd
  4. Seagate Technology International
  5. Tetra Pak Jurong Pte Ltd
Merit Award
  1. Abbott
  2. Boncafé International Pte Ltd
  3. Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd
  4. Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd
  5. Hewlett-Packard (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  6. Kim Guan Guan Coffee Trading Pte Ltd
  7. Ming Fai Group
  8. Subway Singapore Development Pte Ltd
  9. Sunfresh Singapore Pte Ltd
  10. Thong Siek Food Industry Pte Ltd
  11. Toshiba TEC Singapore Pte Ltd

Packaging Benchmarks

Packaging weight benchmarks (‘Lightest’, ‘Median’ and “Heaviest’) have been established for the purpose of allowing companies to compare the weight of packaging of their products against that of similar products, and enable them to see the potential for improving their packaging design and use of materials. Equipped with this knowledge, businesses can then review their packaging designs, practices and/or processes to identify areas for improvement.

The packaging benchmarks for the following product categories may be found at the links below:

image description