Energy Efficiency Fund

Energy Management Information System

Energy Management Information System grant support companies to install EMIS to monitor and manage energy consumption in a structured manner to achieve efficiency improvements.

Grant Support

Energy Management Information System grant co-funds up to 50% of the qualifying costs capped at:

  • $250,000 per energy-intensive facility (i.e. consuming more than 54TJ of energy annually)
  • $125,000 per facility for other facilities

Qualifying costs includes:

  • Equipment and materials
  • Professional services
  • Software and IT services

Singapore GST is excluded

Cost of instruments and metering is not supported for new ventures with estimated annual energy consumption of ≥54TJ.

Grant Eligibility Criteria

Companies applying for the Energy Management Information System grant scheme are eligible if they meet these conditions:

  • Applicant is a Singapore-registered owner or operator of an industrial facility sited in Singapore with SSIC code 10XXX to 32XXX or 35XXX to 38XXX
  • Project must only involve energy management-related functions
  • EMIS shall be commissioned within 2 years from grant approval
  • EMIS supplier or consultant must demonstrate good track record of implementing EMIS of similar scale and scope
  • The EMIS should cover all major energy consuming systems or energy streams in the facility. Otherwise, justifications must be provided.

Note: Companies obliged to implement Energy Performance Monitoring under the Energy Conservation (Energy Management Practices) Regulations 2013 from 1 Apr 2023 are not eligible for the Energy Management Information System grant.

EMIS Project Features

The EMIS project should include the following features. Otherwise, justifications must be provided.

Tracking and monitoring

  • Monitoring and tracking of energy performance based on suitable Energy Performance Indicators (e.g. kWh/ton production, kW/CMH) and relevant variables (e.g. temperature, pressure)
  • Real-time monitoring to enable timely intervention

Reporting and alerts

  • Customised reporting to different user levels
  • Highlight inefficient performance in a timely manner and generate alerts to prompt users to take rectification action

Data capture and data analysis

  • Capture data at appropriate intervals and stored for adequate period
  • Include data analysis functions (e.g. regression analysis) to identify performance gaps and opportunities


Disbursement is on a reimbursement basis. Companies can claim the disbursement requests as follows:

  • Disbursement of the first 80% of the grant upon commissioning of EMIS and submission of commissioning report
  • Disbursement of the final 20% of the grant upon submission of post-implementation report

Disbursement requests for grant amount exceeding $100,000 must be audited by an external Certified Public Accountant (CPA) appointed by the company. All costs incurred for engaging the CPA shall be borne by the company.

Application and Enquiries

For application and enquiries, please email

Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to the availability of funds.