Energy Efficiency Fund

Energy Efficient Technologies

Energy Efficient Technologies grant support companies to adopt energy efficient equipment or technologies.

Grant Support

Grant quantum will be calculated based on total amount of carbon abatement achieved by the project, subject to a cap of 70% of the qualifying costs.

Qualifying costs includes:

  • External manpower
  • Equipment or technology
  • Professional services

Singapore GST is excluded

Grant Eligibility Criteria

Companies applying for the Energy Efficient Technologies grant scheme are eligible if they meet these conditions:

  • Applicant is a Singapore-registered owner or operator of a manufacturing facility sited in Singapore with SSIC code 10XXX to 32XXX
  • Applicant has an annual group sales turnover not exceeding $500 million. Applicant with annual group sales turnover of more than $500 million can apply for Resource Efficiency Grant for Emissions (REG(E)) under EDB in the link provided here.

Project Eligibility Criteria

Company’s project is eligible for the Energy Efficient Technologies grant scheme if they meet these conditions:

  • Project must involve installation and use of energy efficient equipment or technologies with proven track record of energy savings in an industrial facility
  • The project must result in measurable and verifiable energy savings
  • The project must not have commenced at the time of application
  • The project shall be completed within 36 months from the approval of grant

Examples of eligible projects

Standard project (Measurement and Verification not required)


Non-standard project (Measurement and Verification required)


Other energy efficient equipment or technologies (Measurement and Verification required)

Projects must fulfill the project eligibility criteria. Projects that reduce cost but do not demonstrate measurable and verifiable energy savings are not eligible. The following projects are not eligible for the Energy Efficient Technologies grant scheme:

  • Solar PV
  • Power Conditioning Project (e.g. power factor correction, lighting voltage regulation, harmonic current reduction, transient voltage protection and installation of voltage – and power – reducing equipment)
  • Black box solutions (i.e. software or hardware devices whose functioning cannot be explained by applying mainstream engineering knowledge and theories)
  • Load-shifting/load management measures
  • Measures that are not permanently installed (plug-in equipment)
  • Projects to repair or maintain existing equipment
  • Metering not directly associated with an eligible project
  • Projects that result in negative environmental or health effects
  • All other similar projects

Measurement and Verification

Companies implementing a non-standard project must conduct a measurement and verification to measure, verify and compute the energy savings.

Guidelines on M&V plan and M&V report


Disbursement is on a reimbursement basis. Companies can claim the full grant amount after project completion and energy savings are measured and verified

Disbursement requests for grant amount exceeding $100,000 must be audited by an external Certified Public Accountant (CPA) appointed by the company. All costs incurred for engaging the CPA shall be borne by the company.


Success Stories

Find out how Energy Efficient Technologies has helped SMEs to adopt energy efficient equipment or technologies.

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Application and Enquiries

For application and enquiries, please email

Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to the availability of funds.

Request for Information(RFI) for Lightings and Air-conditioning

The RFI for lightings and air-conditioning has closed. Please email for more information.

Request for Information (RFI) for Compressed Air System and Boilers

NEA is inviting suppliers, equipment manufacturers and vendors to participate in an RFI to provide information on the following energy efficient equipment or technologies:

a)   Compressed air system:

      •   Replacement of compressed air system with air blowers

      •   Replacement of compressed air system complemented with the following:

         ‐  Incorporation of Variable Speed Drive (VSD); and/or

         ‐  Installation of air receiver to address fluctuating compressed air demand; and/or

         ‐    Conversion to zero purge desiccant dryers

b)   Boilers:

       •   Replacement of boiler with heat pumps technology system

       •   Replacement of boiler system complemented with the following:

         ‐  Installation of economizer and/or condensate heat recovery; and/or

         ‐  Installation of combustion trim system on burner that has an electronic gas/air ratio

The information provided will be used by NEA for the Energy Efficient Technologies grant scheme.

The link to submit the information can be found here. Suppliers, equipment manufacturers and vendors are encouraged to submit the information via the link before 31 March 2023.