Do the Mozzie Wipeout Campaign

The inaugural ‘Do the Mozzie Wipeout’ campaign was launched on 28 April 2013 and since then, the annual dengue prevention campaign calls for the community to actively check for, and get rid of stagnant water in their homes by practicing the 5-step Mozzie Wipeout. The campaign is supported by local grassroots Advisers and the community, with the mobilization of grassroots leaders and the Dengue Prevention Volunteers (DPVs) to conduct house visits and organise dengue outreach events.

Dengue Prevention Volunteers (DPVs)

Dengue Prevention Volunteers (DPVs) complement NEA’s outreach efforts, in helping to disseminate the knowledge and call to action on dengue prevention among residents and the community, so that they can carry out these efforts on a sustained basis.

Educational Materials and Collateral

During the campaign launches and other roadshows, NEA officers together with DPVs setup dengue prevention exhibits, including “live” Aedes mosquitoes, and distribute campaign educational materials to allow residents to understand more about dengue and the steps that residents can take to prevent dengue. These educational materials are available for download from

Complementing the localized ground efforts and to further reinforce the campaign message to a mass audience, NEA also taps on the media as a channel to create awareness of the campaign and at the same time to rally the community to take action against dengue such as dengue advertisements as television commercials, radio ads and print ads amongst others.