COVID-19 Safe Management Measures

Safe Distancing at Hawker Centres and Markets

At hawker centres At markets 
  • Avoid gathering or lingering at the dining areas of hawker centres. 

  • Visit markets on weekdays and at non-peak hours at weekends, wherever possible
  • When queueing at stalls or waiting for takeaway orders, patrons and visitors should maintain a one metre separation from any other person in the hawker centre.
  • Refrain from lingering in the market when buying groceries. Make a list of the items which you require, purchase them promptly and leave the market
  • Follow floor queue markings in front of hawker stalls where available.
  • For patrons in vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, we strongly encourage them to seek assistance from other members in the household or neighbours should they require to buy food from the market
  • All patrons and visitors are reminded to follow the guidance and instructions of NEA Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers and Ambassadors.
  • Patrons should also consider visiting markets other than the popular ones, which tend to have larger crowds.
Observe one metre separation when queueing at market stalls
Safe Distancing Markets_rev1 
Elderly and vulnerable persons should avoid visiting markets at weekends 
Safe Distancing Markets_rev2
Visit markets on weekdays, and avoid peak hours 
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Wearing of Masks 
Everyone must wear a mask when outside their homes. The mask-wearing requirement continues to be in effect and in Phase Three of the re-opening.

During Phase Three, patrons and visitors are reminded to comply with the requirement when visiting hawker centres, markets, after-death facilities and other public areas. Any person who is out and wishes to smoke, may do so in an area where smoking is not prohibited under the smoking prohibition law, with the mask removed. The person is to put the mask back on as soon as he or she has finished smoking. He or she should also observe safe distancing measures.

Access Control Measures
Access control measures have been put in place at relatively popular markets that tend to draw crowds. Patrons should expect to queue if they are visiting these markets. They should maintain a one metre separation when queuing to enter the markets.

List of markets with access control measures is available at

Crowd Situation at Four Popular Markets
Patrons are encouraged to refer to Space Out ( to obtain crowd level information, such as the length of the queue waiting to enter these markets when they have reached the allowable capacity.
  • Geylang Serai Market
  • Chong Pang Market (Block 104/105 Yishun Ring Road)
  • Block 20/21 Marsiling Lane
  • Block 505 Jurong West Street 52