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What is the Clean Tables Support Scheme (CTSS)?

The Clean Tables Support Scheme (CTSS) is a voluntary co-funding scheme to help coffeeshop and food court owners/operators defray the costs of putting in place tray/crockery return facilities and for purchase of trays in their premises. The CTSS is implemented by NEA in support of the Clean Tables Campaign.


What is the Clean Tables Campaign?

On 6 February 2021, NEA launched the Clean Tables Campaign to remind diners at public dining places to keep the tables clean by clearing their used tissues and wet wipes, disposable crockery, and returning their trays and used crockery after their meals.


How will CTSS benefit members of public?

The CTSS is in support of the Clean Tables Campaign, which aims to create a pleasant and hygienic dining experience for everyone in public dining places. Keeping our tables free from litter makes for a clean environment for the next diner, which will also mean shorter time spent during peak hours to wait for available clean tables to have our meals. Clean tables will also keep birds, wildlife and pests away from our public dining places and prevent public health issues.




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Who is eligible for the CTSS?

The voluntary co-funding support scheme is open to all coffeeshop and food court owners/operators that hold a valid SFA Foodshop (Coffeeshop/Eating House) or SFA Foodshop (Food Court) licence respectively, subject to NEA’s assessment of eligibility.


I have purchased tray/crockery return facilities under the Coffeeshop Toilet Improvement Programme. Am I eligible for this co-funding scheme?

Coffeeshop owners/operators who have purchased tray/crockery return facilities under the Coffeeshop Toilet Improvement Programme are not entitled to be co-funded for the purchase of tray/crockery return facilities under the CTSS. However, they are eligible to be co-funded for the purchase of trays, capped at 100 trays per food stall and capped at $2,500 per premises, whichever is lower.


What are the food establishments NOT eligible under this co-funding scheme?

This scheme is only applicable to food establishments that hold the following SFA foodshop licences:

a. Foodshop (Coffeeshop/Eating House); or

b. Foodshop (Food Court)

Individual stalls in coffeeshops and food courts are to approach the main coffeeshop/food court operators to put in an application for co-funding to purchase trays, if needed. Applications from individual stalls will not be accepted.

 7Is there a list of NEA-approved suppliers of trays and tray/crockery return facilities?

Under the CTSS, there is no specific list of approved/certified vendors for the purchase of trays and tray/crockery return facilities. Therefore, coffeeshop and food court operators are free to source for a vendor who can best cater to their needs as different foodshop has different settings.


Funding Support


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How much is the co-funding and what is the funding cap?

Under this support scheme, coffeeshop and food court owners/operators will be co-funded 50% of the total costs incurred for the purchase of tray/crockery return facilities (such as racks/station) and/or trays, capped at $2,500 per premises.


Note: If you are unsure of the types of tray/crockery return facilities or items that will be supported under the scheme, please seek clarification and confirmation from NEA before purchasing items to ensure appropriate eligible items will be purchased and supported under the scheme. NEA staff will review the items on a case-by-case basis.


Will NEA consider increasing the quantum of the claims?

NEA will evaluate and assess the merits of each application on a case-by-case basis.


Qualifying Period and Application Deadline


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What is the qualifying period for the CTSS?

The CTSS will run from 1 May 2021 to 31 October 2021. Tray/crockery return facilities and/or trays must be purchased during the period from 1 May 2021 to 31 October 2021 in order to be eligible for the scheme. All applications to seek co-funding support must reach NEA by 30 November 2021 for evaluation and processing.


When can I start submitting my application for the CTSS?

Coffeeshop and food court owners/operators can submit their applications for the CTSS online from 1 May 2021 onwards.


When is the deadline to apply for the CTSS?

Applications with supporting documents must reach NEA by 30 November 2021. Late applications will not be entertained.


Application Process


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What supporting documents/information would I need to submit to NEA for approval?

You are required to submit your application and relevant supporting documents/information to NEA via FormSG. The supporting documents required include but are not limited to:

a. ACRA Bizfile registration [record not more than (6) months from date of application];

b. Details of SFA’s issued licence type, licence number and licence expiry date;

c. Layout plan detailing number of foodstalls in the premises

d. Invoice(s), delivery order(s) and receipt(s)/proofs of payment for the purchase of tray/crockery return facilities and/or trays; and

e. Photos of tray/crockery return facilities and trays purchased

Download the checklist to ensure you have all the supporting documents and information ready to complete the application via FormSG.


Should I apply for CTSS before purchasing the tray/crockery return facilities and/or trays?

You are only required to submit your application for CTSS after your purchase is complete or equipment is installed.


How will I know if my application is received by NEA?

You will receive a Receipt of Application, containing your Application Reference Number, from NEA within three working days. If you do not receive the Receipt of Application, please contact NEA at


How long will it take for the grant to be disbursed?

About 8 to 12 weeks upon receipt of the online application form and supporting documents. More time would be required if clarifications have to be sought with applicants. Applications that are not submitted online through FormSG may take a longer time to be processed.


How will I be notified on my application status?

Should your application be approved, NEA will issue a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and proceed to disburse the grant in due course.


I’m not tech-savvy. What other ways can I apply for the CTSS other than through the FormSG?

Interested coffeeshop and foodcourt owners / operators can contact NEA at and our staff will contact you to assist you in your application.




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I own several coffeeshops/food courts. Can I submit one application for all of them?

The co-funding is restricted to one operating premises per application, according to the operating venue’s address listed on the SFA foodshop licence issued to the operator. Therefore, interested operators with multiple outlets must submit separate individual applications for the outlets, i.e. one application per outlet.


I bought trays in May and received a funding of $900. Can I buy a tray return rack and submit a second application to claim the remaining $1,600?

Operators are only allowed to submit one application per operating premises. Interested operators are advised to consolidate all the purchases made for improving the tray/crockery return facilities in their premises and submit one CTSS application per premises.


What are the items that qualify for the funding?

The following tray/crockery return facilities that help diners do their part in clearing their tables after their meals in the coffeeshops and food courts will be supported under the CTSS:

i. Food trays

ii. Tray/crockery return racks

iii. Tray/crockery return trolleys

iv. Built-in shelves for tray/crockery return

v. Tray/crockery return counter/stations

a) Combination of a countertop/racks, trash bin(s), with space set aside for cleaners to sort the trays and crockery before sending them for washing or back to stall holders

vi. Tray/crockery return systems

a) Combination of racks, trash bin(s) integrated with the central washing area or other systems that facilitate the return and sorting of trays and crockery



Can I submit application for funding of items that are not listed on the website?


The CTSS does not support the purchase of the following items:

i. Pails or receptacles (pails bought as part of tray/crockery return counters/stations, or system will be eligible)

ii. Cutlery and utensils

iii. Standalone trash bins (pedal bins to facilitate disposable of food waste at tray/crockery return counters/stations will be eligible)

iv. Trash bin linings
v. Cleaning and disinfection supplies (e.g. sanitiser, cloth)

If the items you are considering to purchase do not fall into any of the list in Q19 and Q20 please feel free to contact NEA at to seek clarification and confirmation if the items will be supported under the CTSS before making any purchase. NEA will review the items on a case-by-case basis.


Is there a funding cap on the types of items I can purchase?

All eligible items listed in Q19, or items that are supported by NEA, can be co-funded under the CTSS. The cap of $2,500 will be applicable to the consolidated list of items purchased by the operator. For example, (a) if the total cost of tray/crockery return facilities and trays is $4,000, NEA will disburse $2,000 after assessing eligibility of application; or (b) if the total of tray/crockery return facilities and trays is $6,000, NEA will disburse $2,500 after assessing eligibility of application.


I do not have a Vendors@Gov account. What should I do?

Payment will be made to the registered bank account in Vendors@Gov after your application is approved. Please click here for more information on creating a Vendors@Gov account.


Where can I find more information on the CTSS?

You may find more information about the CTSS at