Asbestos Control

Disposal of Asbestos Waste

Guidelines on the disposal of asbestos waste

  1. The asbestos materials must be packed while still wet into sealable and impermeable containers for removal.
  2. All plastic sheets, tapes, cleaning materials, clothing and filter bags used in the vacuum systems and all other disposable materials used in the work area must also be packed into sealable and impermeable containers for removal. In removing the filter bags from the vacuum system, suitable respirators must be worn by workers.
  3. Containers of asbestos waste must be labelled as follows: “Asbestos – Do Not Inhale Dust”
  4. The containers of asbestos waste must be barged directly to Semakau Landfill.

Guidelines on the transportation of asbestos waste

  1. Transporter should ensure that the asbestos wastes are properly kept in sealed containers with appropriate labels, and that the outside of the containers is not contaminated with asbestos debris.
  2. The containers must be loaded onto the transport vehicle in a careful manner to prevent damage to the containers.
  3. The vehicles used to transport containers with asbestos waste must have enclosed compartments or canvas to contain the transported waste to prevent damage to the containers and to prevent fibre release.
  4. No compactors may be used as it may cause rupture to the containers with asbestos waste.

List of companies to contact for disposal of asbestos waste at Semakau Landfill

Company NameAddressTelephone No.
ECO Special Waste Management Pte Ltd23 Tuas View Circuit Singapore 63776865173653
Project Marine Engineering Pte Ltd19 Benoi Place Singapore 62993668616463
HCG Environment Pte Ltd8 Tuas View Circuit Singapore 63777765588098 
Hao Da Pte Ltd40 Tuas South Street 1 Singapore 63746364825665
All Waste Pte Ltd9 Sungei Kadut Crescent Singapore 72868763829659