Vibrant Hawker Centres

St Gabriel's Primary School

St Gabs

A group of student leaders from St Gabriel’s Primary School, under the guidance of their teachers, spearheaded a project titled “Appreciating Our Past”. The project aims to educate the public about the rich history of Singapore and the focus was particularly on appreciating the contributions of Merdeka Generation as well as educating the public on bicentennial history and the importance of racial harmony in Singapore. The students displayed boards on Merdeka Generation, bicentennial history and racial harmony around the hawker centre. Other fringe activities planned by the students include traditional games like Goli Panjang and Congkat, song dedication as well as tote bag painting booth.

Through the organisation and execution of the event, the students experienced the essence of hawker culture, which is integral to strengthening social cohesion in Singapore. The principal, Mr Martin, commended the Vibrant Hawker Centres programme for being meaningful as it gave the students an opportunity to build their confidence whilst engaging members of the public, and also helping to strengthen community bonds.  He also elaborated that through the activities “(The boys feel) like they have a part to play, not just think about themselves, but also how to help others. All these lessons they learn in school; (they) learn how they can apply to a real community situation.”