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Life Cycle Cost Calculator

Refrigerators, air-conditioners and clothes dryers are among the most energy-intensive home appliances. Save on your electricity bill by choosing energy efficient models of such appliances!

While energy efficient models may have a higher purchase price than less efficient ones, they tend to have lower life cycle costs due to the lower electricity costs over their lifespan. The online Life Cycle Cost Calculator helps you make well-informed purchasing decisions by calculating the life cycle costs of different models of air-conditioners, refrigerators, clothes dryers and televisions.

The life cycle cost of an appliance is computed by:

* Energy Cost over Lifespan ($) = Annual Energy Cost ($/year) * Appliance Lifespan (years)

* Lifespan of refrigerators and clothes dryers are assumed to be 10 years. The lifespan of air-conditioners and televisions are assumed to be 7 years and 8 years respectively.

 You can also use the Life Cycle Cost Calculator to check the yearly energy and lamp costs for different lamp models.


  1. The estimated electricity cost is derived based on electricity cost of $0.26 per kWh of electricity.
  1. The estimated electricity cost may vary from the actual electricity cost as the actual annual energy consumption depends on factors such as room temperature, thermostat setting, frequency of maintenance, etc.
  1. The maintenance costs of appliances are not considered in the above formula.