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Pasir Ris Beach Now Open For Water Activities

27 Jan 2012

Singapore, 27 January 2012 – The National Environment Agency (NEA) is pleased to announce that Pasir Ris beach will be reopened today. The water quality at Pasir Ris beach has improved in 2011 and can now be reclassified from "Fair" to "Good" according to the World Health Organization (WHO)'s water quality guidelines for recreational use. Under these guidelines, only beaches that are graded "Good" or "Very Good" are suitable for whole body water contact activities such as swimming, water-skiing and wakeboarding (also known as primary contact activities). Pasir Ris beach will now join five other popular recreational beaches where the water quality is suitable for beach goers and water activities.

Water quality of Singapore beaches

For the past three years, five out of the six popular recreational beaches monitored by NEA were assessed to be suitable for primary contact activities as they were graded “Good” or “Very Good”. They are Sentosa Island, Seletar Island, Sembawang Park, Changi and East Coast Park.  These 5 beaches continue to meet the WHO water quality guidelines for recreational use.

The water quality at Pasir Ris beach has improved in 2011, with only 3% of the collected samples having enterococcus counts greater than 200 per 100 ml, compared to 7% in 2010. The results of the water quality for recreational beaches are based on the weekly sampling results of water samples over three years.


Classification in 2011

Sentosa Island

Very Good

Seletar Island

Very Good

Sembawang Park


Changi Beach


East Coast Park


Pasir Ris Beach


Classification of the six recreational beaches in Singapore

Improvement in Pasir Ris beach water quality

The previous “Fair” grading for the water quality at Pasir Ris beach was attributed to various possible sources, including minor leakage from older sewers, discharges from moored vessels, animals, as well as discharges from small-scale Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) that serve the more remote areas in Pasir Ris. The weak water currents in the concave part of Pasir Ris beach are not effective in diluting and dispersing the discharges.

To help improve the water quality at Pasir Ris beach, PUB has extended the sewer network and diverted the used water from the 39 STPs in the Halus/Tampines, Changi and Selarang areas. PUB has also, in March 2011, completed the rehabilitation of 23 kilometres (km) of aging sewers in the area under its sewer rehabilitation programme.

NEA will continue to monitor closely the water quality of the six beaches and conduct the next annual review in 2013.

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