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More Partners Join The Say YES To Waste Less Campaign To Reduce Food Wastage And Disposables

24 Feb 2023

Singapore, 24 February 2023 – Close to 200 partners across various sectors in Singapore have pledged support to this year’s Say YES to Waste Less campaign, launched today by the National Environment Agency (NEA). The annual campaign seeks to encourage a sustainable lifestyle by reducing food wastage and the use of disposables.

2          This year, the campaign aims to bring waste to the forefront through highlighting how everyone can play a part by using reusables and buying and ordering just enough. In addition to partners’ initiatives, campaign messages will be shared through multiple touchpoints including digital and social media platforms, as well as on-ground engagements with the community and schools.

3          Coming on board as new campaign partners in 2023 are Eu Yan Sang, SMRT and Tanglin Mall. Tanglin Mall will be getting customers to join them on a sustainable journey in March 2023, where the mall will share environmentally friendly practices through interactive games and upcycling workshops. SMRT, on the other hand, will display campaign collaterals to encourage more sustainable lifestyles and run campaigns to encourage the public to adopt environmentally friendly habits. Eu Yan Sang Singapore launched a series of Peter Rabbit™ reusable food and drink containers as well as a #NoToPlasticWithEU Instagram Challenge to encourage consumers to reduce the use of single-use containers and cutlery.

4          Some partners have introduced initiatives to reduce food waste. DBS, the first bank to join the campaign in 2020, has been rallying Singaporeans to reduce food waste in the final operating hours of food and beverage outlets with dining discounts through ‘Last Hour Deals’ on e-commerce platforms such as foodpanda, WhyQ and Just Dabao. Since 2018, IKEA restaurants in Singapore have successfully reduced food waste in their kitchens by more than 50 per cent.

5          Campaign partners also introduced initiatives to reduce disposable waste.

  • Decathlon Singapore has replaced single-use plastic bags in stores with 100 per cent eco-friendly blue bag. It also removed all plastic from their e-commerce operations.
  • Gardenia Singapore actively encourages consumers to reduce the use of plastic bags by distributing reusable shopping bags and sandwich boxes through retail promotions.
  • LiHO TEA is launching a bring-your-own-bag (BYOB) day on 25 March 2023. On that day, customers who bring their own bottle/tumbler can enjoy the signature Da Hong Pao Tea for $1, with proceeds donated to charity.
  • SaladStop! launched its first net Zero F&B outlet in Southeast Asia at CapitaSpring in June 2022. Customers who bring their own containers/cups will receive a free standard salad topping, or 50-cent discount for beverages.
  • Starbucks offers a 50-cent discount when customers bring their tumblers or mugs, and a free drink with any purchase of a Starbucks tumbler for their members.
  • The Body Shop reduces waste through various initiatives such as the Return.Recycle.Repeat campaign, where customers can drop off their The Body Shop empty plastic containers at any outlet for recycling. Shoppers can also purchase selected products in sustainable refill format at 23 outlets.
  • Zero Waste SG is running the “Bring Your Own Bag” roving roadshows at major supermarkets from 11 February to 30 April 2023 to encourage everyone to start embracing the use of reusable bags when grocery shopping.

6          These partner initiatives illustrate how organisations of any size, from any industry and sector, can contribute to a sustainable Singapore. NEA would like to thank all partners for their support towards Singapore’s zero waste efforts. We also welcome everyone to come on board and Say YES to Waste Less, support the Singapore Green Plan, and continue to build a Clean & Green Singapore. 

7           NEA's Chief Executive Officer, Mr Luke Goh, said, "It is encouraging that more partners come on board the Say YES to Waste Less campaign each year. We look forward to even more stakeholders adopting and advocating sustainability practices, and for the habits of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to become second nature to everyone."

Every Little Action Counts

8          In 2021, Singapore generated around 817,000 tonnes of food waste, which is equivalent to each individual discarding about two bowls of food per day. Food waste puts a burden on our waste disposal system and represents a loss of the resources used to grow, transport, and prepare the food.

9          About 200,000 tonnes of disposables were discarded in 2020, comprising items such as carrier bags and takeaway containers/cutlery. These are enough to fill up about 400 Olympic-size swimming pools.

10      Each item disposed has a lifecycle impact – requiring resources such as water and energy in its manufacturing, use and disposal, and contribute to global warming. It is therefore crucial to do more to reduce food wastage and the excessive consumption of disposables. The campaign’s call-to-action features simple tips that everyone can adopt, such as bringing your own bag, bottle and container when heading out, as well as buying and ordering just enough food.

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