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Outcome-based Contracting (OBC)


About the Initiative

As demand for cleaning services continues to rise, increasing manpower to meet service demand is not sustainable given our manpower constraints. Therefore, one of the strategies under the Environmental Services ITM is to drive change in procurement practices from headcount-based to outcome-based contracting (OBC). OBC specifies the desired outcomes and service quality instead of prescribing the required headcount and will enable service providers to adopt innovative technology, enhance processes and offer better solutions to improve productivity and deliver quality cleaning services. 

Initiatives to drive change towards outcome-based contracting includes:

Guide on Specifications for Outcome-based Cleaning Contract

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has worked with industry stakeholders to develop a Guide on outcome-based contracting. Service buyers can adopt elements of the Guide based on their needs and requirements for procurement of their cleaning services. 

Building Capabilities and Enhancing Knowledge on OBC

NEA has also worked with training providers to develop training programmes on OBC. This initiative is to equip service buyers with essential skills in preparing contract specifications according to outcome-based principles, specifying outcome-based requirements, performance standards, etc. The courses are also useful for service providers to gain understanding and knowledge on OBC contracts. To get more information on the relevant courses, you may contact Mr Soh Boon Ping ( or Ms Sarah Ho (

Consultancy Support and Guidance on Cleaning Contracts

As the lead agency for the Environmental Services (ES) industry, NEA also provides 1-to-1 consultancy guidance and support to government and private service buyers to help them transit to OBC. You may contact NEA Cleaning OBC Helpdesk (NEA) <> for assistance.

Click the links below to download the OBC and Tender Evaluation guides. 

Guide on Specifications for Outcome-based Cleaning Contract (2nd edition, 2021)

Guide on specifications for OBC
Guide on Tender Evaluation for Outcome-based Cleaning Contracts (2021)

Guide on Tender Evaluation on OBC