NEA-Industry Scholarship

Ms Ng Wan Ning, Enrica

NEA-Industry Scholar_Enrica 2

School of Study: Singapore Polytechnic

Diploma: Applied Chemistry

Sponsor: Cleaning Express Pte Ltd

On scholarship opportunities...

“Given this opportunity, I hope to deepen my industry knowledge, forge new boundaries, and improve the processes in the Environmental Services industry.”

Appreciate the environment in Singapore

Hiking, rock climbing, and abseiling are some of the outdoor adventures I enjoy during my leisure time asI am able to de-stress and appreciate the environment surrounding me. Singapore has come a long way in achieving the clean and green environment that we enjoy today. . As the country progresses with more focus on sustainable development, I observed that industries are also shifting their businesses to be more aligned with the nation’s environmental goals.


Sustainable cleaning

My interest in science as a subject started in primary school and escalated in secondary school when I took on combined sciences. I was intriqued by the processes behind the theories, as well as the pracitical exercises conducted in school laboratories. Through my course work in polytechnic, I was exposed to topics on materials and chemicals used by the industry. One issue that caught my attention was the negative impact caused by improper utilisation and disposal of chemicals. Irresponsible actions like these can result in long-term negative consequences to the environment we live in.

I am looking forward to commencing my internship and bond with Cleaning Express Ptd Ltd, and I am keen to explore the possibility of adopting environmentally conscious cleaning products. I believe that everyone can play a part in striving for a cleaner and sustainable future.