NEA-Industry Scholarship

Ms Carina Puah YingFang

NEA-Industry Scholar_Carina 2

School of Study: Institute of Technical Education

Higher Nitec in Chemical Technology

Sponsor: TES AMM (Singapore) Pte Ltd

On scholarship opportunities...

“This scholarship has provided an opportunity for me to secure a role in a company after graduation.”

Green Ambassador

I enjoy reading up on environmental topics at my free time. It was through the Geography subject in Secondary School that I was exposed to such topics. One of the common environmental issues that I  came across was on plastic waste. The invention of plastics, especially single-use plastics, has brought about much convenience to the world because of its characteristics (e.g. resistance, flexibility, light-weight, hygenic, etc.). However, because it is widely used and in almost every packaging, plastic disposal has caused dire pollution issues for both developing and developed countries. As a member of the Green Ambassador’s club in ITE, I focused on spreading awareness on the importance of recycling plastic bags, bottles and containers.


Bond is not an obstacle

From environmental topics such as plastic waste, my interest in Chemistry grew, leading me to continue pursuing a Science-based course, Diploma in Applied Chemistry, upon graduation from ITE. I am thankful for the one-time deferment of the scholarship bond under the NEA-Industry Scholarship. It gives me an opportunity to focus and pursue a Diploma before joining the sponsoring company, TES AMM (Singapore) Pte Ltd.