NEA-Industry Scholarship

Mr Muhammad Anaqi Bin Harjuna

NEA-Industry Scholar_Anaqi

School of Study: Institute of Technical Education

Higher Nitec Mechanical Engineering

Sponsor: LS 2 Services Pte Ltd

On scholarship opportunities...

“I look forward to gaining new work experiences in the Environmental Services industry and acquiring new skills .”

Making it better

Never giving up easily is what I strive for in life. I believe that there is always room for improvement, and that processes could be made better. One of the modules that I enjoyed very much in ITE was Product Prototyping, where I learnt to design a product model to improve work processes using 3-D CAD software. As a recepient of the NEA-Industry Scholarship, I had the opportunity to intern with my sponsoring company, LS 2 Services Pte Ltd. During my short stint, I observed and learnt about the cleaning processes carried out in local schools and campuses.


Improving Singapore’s high standards of cleanliness

Singapore’s cleanliness standards have been highly recognised and in order to maintain this record, companies in the Environmental Services industry will need to continuously evolve and improve their work processes. I look forward to contributing to the cleaning industry by improving the work flow and processes.