NEA-Industry Scholarship

Mr Daeng Budi Iskandar

NEA-Industry Scholar_Daeng.jpg

School of Study: Institute of Technical Education

Nitec in Built Environment (Mechanical & Electrical)

Sponsor: Horsburgh Integrated Services Pte Ltd

On scholarship opportunities...

“With this Scholarship, I look forward to learning new skills that will allow me to contribute meaningfully to the industry.”

From DIY to profressional 

As a child, I have always enjoyed Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activities . Based on that, I pursued a Nitec in Built Environment (Mechnical & Electrical), with the desire to dive into the technical aspects and to become a professional technician in the future.


Technology brings convenience 

During my internship with Horsburgh Integrated Services Pte Ltd, I was tasked to oversee the machines used for cleaning purposes. Maintaining and performing checks are required to ensure that there are no defects or issues prior to dispatching them onsite. With the latest cutting-edge technology, I recognised the convenience and efficiency it brings to the cleaners. I look forward to the commencement of my bond, as I hope to explore using data analytics to get insights on how new equipment can be integrated with existing cleaning processes.