NEA-Industry Scholarship

Mr Aung Ye Thu

NEA-Industry Scholar_Aung Ye Thu

School of Study: Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Diploma: Mechanical Engineering

Sponsor: TES AMM (Singapore) Ptd Ltd

On scholarship opportunities...

“The NEA-Industry Scholarship provides a career path for young environmentalists like me.”

Clean and livable Singapore

During my free time, I enjoy visiting green spaces such as gardens and parks. I understand that clean public spaces are not easy to achieve and maintain. Growing up in Mynammar, I am aware of how challenging it is, especially for a developing country, to maintain a clean and green environment  like Singapore. 

I have an interest  fixing machines and devices, and decided to pursue a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I believe that the course is broad and able to cover other aspects of engineering (i.e. electrical, chemical, and civil engineering).


Internship opportunities with sponsoring company

In my final year, I interned at my sponsoring company, TES AMM (Singapore) Pte Ltd to fulfil  the internship module as well as the scholarship requirements. Besides getting to participate in a research for a new project, I was  taught and trained to dismantle discharged Electric Vechicle batteries. Working on the project allowed me to tap on what I had learnt in school and put my theoretical knowledge on machines into practice.

Upon completing my Diploma and National Service, I look forward to commence my bond, and eventually be able to lead a team of technicians and work on new projects as my career progresses. I treasure the opportunities provided by the sponsoring company to learn and equip myself with the necessary skills and knowledge. The recycling industry is one potential sector to explore, and I aspire to contribute my accumulated expertise to benefit the developing countries in South East Asia.