Food Waste Management

Food Waste Fund

The Food Waste Fund covers the capital cost of food waste treatment solutions for organisations in Singapore, capped at $100,000 per applicant.

It supports premises to segregate and treat food waste ahead of the mandatory requirements under the Resource Sustainability Act (RSA) and encourages other premises, such as the smaller food waste generators, to implement food waste segregation and treatment.
    1. Application period
    2. Applicant eligibility
    3. Project eligibility
Application period
Application for the Food Waste Fund is now closed.

Applicant eligibility
Entities registered in Singapore, including companies, non-profit organisations, non-governmental organisations, town councils and managing bodies such as MCSTs can apply for the Food Waste Fund.

Exclusions: Government ministries, agencies and public sector buildings including schools, ITEs and polytechnics are not eligible to apply.

Project eligibility
• Project must result in increase in amount of food waste recycled in Singapore. 
• Project must not have commenced at the time of application^ (i.e. issuing of purchase orders for equipment/systems, conducting collection and recycling of food waste, etc. (whichever is earlier)).
• Applicant must engage licensed general waste collectors (GWCs) and /or general waste disposal facilities (GWDFs) to collect and recycle food waste. A list of food waste recycling companies is also available here.

^Note: The proposed project must not have commenced on or before the date of application but may commence one day after the date of the application or thereafter. The date of application is the signature date of the application form.