Wolbachia-Aedes Mosquito Suppression Strategy

Media Releases and Vox Posts Related to Project Wolbachia – Singapore

Media Releases

15 Jun 2022:

“NEA’s Project Wolbachia-Singapore To Be Expanded To Eight Additional Sites”

5 Jul 2021:

"Project Wolbachia – Singapore Suppresses Aedes Aegypti Mosquito Population and Reduces Dengue Cases at Release Sites" 

17 Jul 2020:

"Male Wolbachia-Aedes Mosquito Releases To Cover Entire Yishun And Tampines HDB Towns"

06 May 2020:

“NEA Expands Project Wolbachia – Singapore To Dengue High-Risk Areas In Selected Neighbourhoods At Choa Chu Kang And Bukit Batok Towns”

02 Dec 2019:

“New NEA Facility To Boost Production Of Male Wolbachia-Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes To Benefit More Residents”

07 Oct 2019:

“Successful Study Paves The Way For Doubling The Size Of Male Wolbachia-Aedes Mosquito Release”

30 Jan 2019:

“Project Wolbachia - Singapore Progresses To Phase 3 Field Study At Two Extended Sites in February 2019”

18 Sep 2018:

“Project Wolbachia – Singapore Welcomes New Collaborator For Ongoing Phase 2 Field Study”

07 Jun 2018:

“Singapore Facilitates Collaboration On New Mosquito Suppression Techniques On ASEAN Dengue Day”

26 Feb 2018:

“NEA To Commence Phase Two Wolbachia-Aedes Field Study At Three Sites In April 2018”

08 Dec 2017:

“Objectives Met For Phase 1 Of Wolbachia Field Studies”

08 Feb 2017:

Wolbachia-Aedes Field Study Yields Valuable Data For Future Suppression Trial”

18 Oct 2016:

“NEA Commences Small-Scale Field Study With Release Of Male Wolbachia-Carrying Aedes Aegypti At Braddell Heights”

27 Aug 2016:

“NEA To Conduct Wolbachia-Aedes Small-Scale Field Study At Three Selected Sites From October 2016”

12 Apr 2016:

“NEA To Conduct Small-Scale Wolbachia Field Study At End-2016”

17 Oct 2014:

“Expert Advisory Panel Supports Use Of Wolbachia Technology For Dengue Control In Singapore”

Vox Posts

30 Apr 2018

What is Wolbachia and does it harm humans and animals?

8 Sep 2016

Would the release of male Wolbachia-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquitoes cause an increase in dengue or Zika cases?