EHI Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

EHI Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications (Year 2022)


1.   Chua C, Humaidi M, Neves ES, Mailepessov D, Ng LC, Aik J. (2022). VKORC1 mutations in rodent populations of a tropical city-state as an indicator of anticoagulant rodenticide resistance. Scientific Reports, 124553. [Full text]

2.   Griffiths J, Yeo HL, Yap G, Mailepessov D, Johansson P, Low HT, Siew CC, Lam P, Ng LC. (2022). Survey of rodent-borne pathogens in Singapore reveals the circulation of Leptospira spp., Seoul hantavirus, and Rickettsia typhi. Scientific Report, 12, 2692. [Full text]

3.   Mailepessov D, Arivalan S, Kong M, Griffiths J, Low SL, Chen H, Hapuarachchi HC, Gu X, Lee WL, Alm EJ, Thompson J, Wuertz S, Gin K, Ng LC, Wong JCC. (2022). Development of an efficient wastewater testing protocol for high-throughput country-wide SARS-CoV-2 monitoring. Science of The Total Environment, 154024. [Full text]

4.   Oh HY, Humaidi M, Chan QY, Yap G, Ang KY, Tan J, Ng LC, Mailepessov D. (2022). Association of rodents with man-made infrastructures and food waste in Urban Singapore. Infection Ecology & Epidemiology, 12:1. [Full text]

5.     Ahmed, W., Simpson, S. L., Bertsch, P. M., Bibby, K., Bivins, A., Blackall, L. L., Bofill-Mas, S., Bosch, A., Brandão, J., Choi, P. M., Ciesielski, M., Donner, E., D'Souza, N., Farnleitner, A. H., Gerrity, D., Gonzalez, R., Griffith, J. F., Gyawali, P., Haas, C. N., Hapuarachchi, H. C., Setoh, Y.X., Wong, J.C.C, Shanks, O. C. et al. (2022). Minimizing errors in RT-PCR detection and quantification of SARS-COV-2 RNA for wastewater surveillance. Science of The Total Environment, 805, 149877. [Full text]

6.     Chau ML, Chen SL, Yap M, Aung KT, Hartantyo SHP, Ariff AZ, Kilari S, Luc G, Tan WL, Tan BZY, Wong, WK, Gutiérrez, RA, Ng LC, Barkham, T. (2022) Group B Streptococcus in retail food– beyond ST283 and raw fish. Food Control, 133(B); 108625. [Full text]

7.      Tan, S.T., Mohamed, N., Ng, L. C., Aik, J. (2022). Air quality in underground metro station commuter platforms in Singapore: A cross-sectional analysis of factors influencing commuter exposure levels. Atmospheric Environment, 273, 118962. [Full text]