EHI Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

EHI Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications (Year 2022-2023)


  1. Ong J, Soh S, Ho SH, Seah A, Dickens BS, et al. (2022) Fine-scale estimation of effective reproduction numbers for dengue surveillance. PLOS Computational Biology 18(1): e1009791 [Full text]

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  3. Tan, S.T., Mohamed, N., Ng, L. C., Aik, J. (2022). Air quality in underground metro station commuter platforms in Singapore: A cross-sectional analysis of factors influencing commuter exposure levels. Atmospheric Environment, 273, 118962.[Full text]

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  5. Griffiths J, Yeo HL, Yap G, Mailepessov D, Johansson P, Low HT, Siew CC, Lam P, Ng LC. (2022). Survey of rodent-borne pathogens in Singapore reveals the circulation of Leptospira spp., Seoul hantavirus, and Rickettsia typhi. Scientific Report, 12, 2692. [Full text]

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  7. Chua C, Humaidi M, Neves ES, Mailepessov D, Ng LC, Aik J. (2022). VKORC1 mutations in rodent populations of a tropical city-state as an indicator of anticoagulant rodenticide resistance. Scientific Reports, 124553. [Full text]

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  11. Soh, S., Ho, S. H., Ong, J., Seah, A., Dickens, B. S., Tan, K. W., Koo, J. R., et al. (2022). Strategies to Mitigate Establishment under the Wolbachia Incompatible Insect Technique. Viruses14(6), 1132. MDPI AG. [Full text]

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