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Advancing Knowledge in Environmental Sustainability
Singapore Environment Institute (SEI) is the training and knowledge division of the National Environment Agency (NEA). Within NEA, SEI distils and documents the knowledge residing with experienced staff, as well as knowledge from other relevant sources, for transfer to the next generation of officers via its training programmes. The Institute also develops and up-skills the local industry’s manpower capabilities, thereby adding value to Singapore’s environmental arena. SEI’s public lectures feature renowned environmental speakers who catalyse thought leadership and foster communities of best practices. SEI’s collaborations with, and strong support from industry, academic and government organisations, are instrumental to its goal of ‘Advancing Knowledge in Environmental Sustainability’.

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SEI Yearbook FY2013
The SEI Yearbook FY2013 (The Review) provides a succinct account of SEI’s work in the areas of environmental knowledge distillation and capacity building for the past financial year.

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CESS2014CleanEnviro Solutions 2014
CleanEnviro Solutions encapsulates the outcomes of the CleanEnviro Summit Singapore, the premier global platform for urban environmental practitioners. With key statistics, facts and interviews, the publication captures the commercial trends and expert perspectives shaping environmental management worldwide. It showcases how industry and governments can solve today’s environmental challenges. Opportunities abound, and there is no shortage of growth prospects for the environmental industry.

Download your own PDF copy of CleanEnviro Solutions 2014 today.


Issue6sENVISION Issue 6: Strengthening the Green Economy
Recent years have seen interconnected environmental and economic predicaments shift the discourse on growth and its implications. Concepts like green economy have emerged and received political and business traction. But how much of these are merely green visions versus reality? ENVISION Issue 6 features many case studies of technology, best practices, systems, and policies that are taking shape in this avenue. Renewable energy technologies are gaining ground, and governments and businesses are transforming their value chains and cutting energy consumption. Singapore too, is making inroads in areas like energy efficiency and green buildings. There is increasing interest in the so-called ‘circular economy’ which aims to loop in linear industries that currently wreak environmental destruction through their externalities. On a planet with seven billion people, major transformations are not an overnight affair. However, the developments we see in ENVISION Issue 6, alongside many others globally, may signal paradigm shifts in the ways our economies work. As Dr Martin Shaw put it, “A lot of opportunity is going to arrive in the next 20 years disguised as loss.” Whether it is through a green economy or something entirely new that emerges from such beginnings, those who are prepared will prosper. Download your PDF copy of ENVISION Issue 6 here today!


With growing environmental threats and challenges to major global cities, governments and communities are increasingly working together to help find solutions. One aspect of this involves tapping the expertise of the “crowd” to spur unconventional, rapid and innovative solutions.  With governments and industry allowing public access to environmental data and involving them in consultative design processes, the opportunity for synergy emerges.  Practitioners of all backgrounds are increasingly empowered by leveraging phenomena such as big data, new sensing and analytics systems, as well as technology applications.  The fifth issue of ENVISION includes features on environmental data analytics, the latest technology, new tools being developed for industry and within government, how crowdsourcing is helping to change environmental outcomes, a guide to environmental apps, as well as inspiring environmental case studies from Singapore and beyond. Read ENVISION Issue 5 on e-flipbook or download its PDF now!


ENVision4s ENVISION Issue 4
Climate change is already having significant impacts on human civilisation.  In Issue 4, learn more about the rising costs and implications of climate change, international negotiations on greenhouse gas emissions, the launch of the world’s first tropical climate centre, shifting global economies off fossil fuels, energy efficient lighting, and Singapore’s new Energy Conservation Act.  This issue also takes a look at top Asian energy efficiency markets, low-carbon technology, and how ecosystem impacts will affect business bottom lines in years to come.Download the PDF or e-flipbook for your tablet.


NEA-CLC Urban Systems Studies Booklet
‘Sustainable Environment: Balancing Growth with the Environment’
Co-produced by NEA and the Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC), this fourth publication under the Urban Systems Studies (USS) Booklet Series, presents a historical account of the environmental and economic policy objectives, including the trade-offs required and the implementation of adaptive environmental policy to meet changing economic demands. Two key dilemmas framing the study are the need for economic growth versus environmental preservation; and the realisation of short-term versus long-term benefits. Published by Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd, it is available for sale as hardcopy atSGD $18.90 or eBook at SGD$9.90 by placing your orders though email


10thAnniversaryBook NEA 10th Anniversary Commemorative Book
'Our Environment – Safeguard, Nurture, Cherish'
In celebrating NEA’s 10th Anniversary, the Agency has launched a commemorative book entitled “Our Environment – Safeguard, Nurture, Cherish". It showcases the varied and fascinating work that NEA engages in, seen through the eyes of staff. Chapter 1 features NEA’s beginnings, flowing on to NEA’s contributions in environmental protection in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 talks about the environmental health perspective of NEA’s work, while Chapter 4 brings NEA’s work to the international scene. Chapter 5 features our efforts in tracking regional climate, expanding on to our international training and outreach efforts in Chapter 6. Finally, the story culminates in Chapter 7 which showcases how NEA has worked hand-in-hand with the community to make all that has been achieved so far possible.  Download your own PDF copy here!


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Knowledge Areas

Solid Waste Management
Singapore’s integrated waste management strategies

Pollution Control
Singapore’s environmental protection strategies

Public Cleansing
3R strategy & waste minimisation

Energy Efficiency
Energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources

Climate Change
Issues surrounding climate change and energy technologies

Environmental Governance

NEA's policies to create a clean and green environment


Vector Control
Strategies in tackling the challenges posed by pests and vectors.

Food Hygiene Management
Strategie for high public health standards in eateries

Radiation Safety
Safety issues in use and transportation of radiation apparatus


Hazardous Substances Management
Legislation in hazardous substances management in the workplace

Public Cleansing
Management of cleanliness
in public places

Weather Information
Meteorological and weather information and forecasting


Clean Land Trail

Pneumatic Waste Disposal System
Incineration Plant,
Semakau Offshore Landfill

Clean Air Trail

Singapore City Gallery
Vehicular Inspection Centre
Satellite Remote Sensing Centre

Clean Water Trail

Singapore River
Marina Barrage
Newater Visitors Centre


Public Health Trail

Vector Surveillance
Upgraded Hawker Centre
Mosquito Laboratory

Climate Change Trail
Climate Change Exhibition
Tri-Generation Industrial Facility
Energy-Efficient Building

Recycling Trail
Creative Recycling Plant
E-waste Recycling Facility
Household Waste Sorting Centre



Basic Ionising Radiation Safety (General) - 5 to 6 Nov

Management of Hazardous Substances - 24 to 27 Nov


Sustainability Management Programme for Public Sector's Facilities Managers of Small Buildings - 8 to 10 Dec


Basic Ionising Radiation Safety (General) - 14 to 15 Jan

Programme for Environmental Experiential Learning (PEEL) - Clean Land Trail - 22 Jan

Energy Management Programme for Public Sector's Facilities and Operations Managers - 26 to 28 Jan

Introduction to Waste Management in Singapore - 28 Jan


Basic Laser Radiation Safety - 2 to 3 Feb

Management of Hazardous Substances - 3 to 6 Feb

Severe Weather Systems and Natural Disasters - 11 Feb

MARCH 2015

Vector Management & Control for Companies - 2 to 3 Mar

Programme for Environmental Experiential Learning (PEEL) - Clean Air Trail - 5 Mar

Basic Ionising Radiation Safety (General) - 10 to 11 Mar

Understanding the Singapore Weather - 12 Mar

Programme for Environmental Experiential Learning (PEEL) - Public Health Trail - 12 Mar

Basic Ionising Radiation Safety (Industrial Radiography) - 18 to 19 Mar





Strategic Roles

Quality Policy

Corporate Video

Corporate Yearbook






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