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SEI Appreciation Day 2007

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Celebrating Partnerships that ADD Power to Environmental Capacity Building
27 September 2007

Click image to find out about the ADD formula

On 27 September 2007, the Singapore Environment Institute (SEI) commemorated 5 years of training partnerships for its partners and trainers. Graced by the Guest-of Honour, NEA CEO, Mr Lee Yuen Hee, the function was attended by over 130 guests including top executives from various government agencies, private organisations and higher learning institutes.

The VIP table consisting of NEA CEO and TAC members

The theme of the function : ‘ADD-ing power to environmental capacity building’ – “ADD” stands for Advise, Develop and Deliver, a formula for enhancing the quality of training programmes to create a market oriented environmental workforce. SEI presented the ADD formula during the function by highlighting three initiatives:


Formation of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), a committee comprising distinguished individuals from the government, academia and industries.

‘The TAC will add a strategic dimension to SEI’s partnership network.  With the TAC to advise partners to jointly develop programmes and dedicated trainers to deliver the contents, it adds power in advancing Singapore’s environmental sustainability efforts to help build greater environmental capacity amongst industries and the developing world’ said Mr Lee in his opening speech.

NEA CEO with TAC members (click photo to find out who's who)


Launch of the Programme for Environmental Experiential Learning (PEEL), an innovative programme developed through industrial partnerships. Targeted at professionals and environmentalists from local and overseas organisations, PEEL comprises four thematic trails that will provide a quick overview of Singapore’s environmental strategies, out of the classroom.

Launch of PEEL


Presentation of the NEA Trainers Awards to recognise the most effective trainers of SEI programmes. Award winners excel in their training styles, content knowledge and commitment to building a knowledgeable environmental workforce. For FY2006, the award winners are:

NEA Trainer Award – Mrs.Lam – Phua Sai Gek (EHI)
NEA Partner Trainer Award – Mr. Chui Heng Tak (Qualitech Consultancy)
NEA Valued Trainer Award – Ms Indrani Rajaram (PCD)
NEA Valued Trainer Award – Mr Adbul Ghani Abdullah (LD)

Congratulations to all the award winners. SEI thanks them for their dedication to building environmental capacity within and beyond.

NEA Trainers Awards trophies on display

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NEA Trainers Awards

Mrs Lam - Phua Sai Gek receiving the NEA Trainer Award from CEO

Mr Chui Heng Tak receiving the NEA Partner Trainer Award from CEO

Ms Indrani Rajaram receiving the NEA Valued Trainer Award from CEO

Mr Abdul Ghani Abdullah receiving the NEA Valued Trainer Award from CEO